For the gamer on a budget.

While reading up on DOOM 3 and how various hardware performs when running it over at AnandTech I stumbled across a thread in their forums that lists all manner of full games you can download for free.  The list is impressive at around 60 or so titles and while many of them are amature attempts at recreating other popular games such as Freeciv (clone of Civilization II) or Gunbound (clone of the popular Worms) quite a few others are once big name titles that the companies have released as freeware for whatever reasons. Titles like the popular Tribes 1 and 2 and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (which was originally supposed to be an expansion pack).

There’s a lot of stuff there I’ve never heard of before plus some that I’ve known about for a long time such as the venerable Nethack (along with several clones) and the tax payer funded America’s Army. Interestingly there’s a couple of free Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games (MMORPG) such as Tibia which looks a little like the first MMORPG Ultima Online.

So if you’re a gamer on a budget and can’t afford to get the new DOOM 3 that doesn’t mean you can’t find something out there worth playing if you look around. Go check out the full list and see if there’s something that catches your fancy.

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