Early morning updates.

Some random bits of information that don’t make for single entries on their own:

  1. You’re stuck with me for another year. I just renewed my ownership of the Stupid Evil Bastard.com domain name. I’m sure there was a line two millimeters long waiting to grab that one away.
  2. Speaking of domain registration: I get a lot of folks asking about who they should use to register their domains. I’ve been using a company called Name Cheap for the past several years and found it to be a great deal. Registering the common domains (.com, .net, .org) will run you a mere $8.88 and they offer all sorts of free goodies to go along with it including dynamic DNS.
  3. Picked up Tony Hawk’s Underground for the PS2 using some early B’day money from Mom and Dad. Coolest feature is the ability to put yourself in the game, literally. Or at least your face. If you have a network adapter. Which I do. So now my custom skate punk looks vaguely like me as I flail around trying to skate. I’ll talk about this more in the review I’ll end up writing later, but it’s pretty cool to see your own mug on the character you’re playing in the game. I’d like to see this in more games.
  4. SEB and Jenkins Online.net have been moved to new servers by my hosting company. No word on why, though the amount of downtime my sites have had on a regular basis lately may have had something to do with it. If you notice that something isn’t work then let me know so I can fix it. One side-effect is that my little graphical counter at the bottom of the sidebar got reset. I was into the millions of hits and I’m back down to a mere 702 or so now. Oh well.
  5. That’s it. I’m done.

Ah, another productive start to the day.

4 thoughts on “Early morning updates.

  1. Hey Les,

    How difficult was it for you to set up EE to serve pages to different domains?

    Is it as simple as this or is there something more tricky afoot?

  2. I noticed that when submitted on my blog or commmenting on others it is taking more time to complete.  The delay is noticeable on both my computers

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