DOOM 3 is impressive.

I’m checking in from up at Momma’s Corner as we headed up here yesterday to visit overnight. But before we left a buddy of mine brought over a copy of DOOM 3 so I could try it out on my PC and see how well it would run and what it was like. All I can say is…


Not your ordinary kind-of-surprised wow, but a sincere haven’t-seen-anything-like-this-before wow. The original Resident Evil was the last game to actually make me jump while playing it until this one came along. It’s definitely moved up a bit on my I-should-buy-this-soon list. Surprisingly, my system runs it pretty well considering it’s “only” an AMD Athlon XP 2500+ with a Radeon 9700 Pro video card. Granted, I’m at 800×600 with only medium quality set (and that makes for some pauses during the scripted story sequences) when I’m used to running in 1280×1024 for most games or at least 1024×768, but even at 640×480 it looks great. It does a great job of instilling a sense of panic as well from the ultra-realistic light and shadows to the ambient sounds of people being slaughtered by demons on the other side of a wall. The whole experience is like what you’d get if you took the Aliens movies and replaced the aliens with demons and zombies.

I have no idea how the game ends as this was just something to give me a taste of it and see how well my system would perform with it. DOOM 3 is one of the few games to come along as of late to really put your computer system through the grinder if you want to play it at high resolution with all the bells and whistles turned on, though it’ll run pretty well on a fairly low-end system if it needs to which is quite an accomplishment. It’s definitely got me thinking about what the next system I build will have in it in terms of hardware (it appears the AMD Athlon 64 processors are the best for running this game) even though it’ll be awhile before I can afford to build a new one.

Anyway, I was indeed impressed and it’s a great step up from the DOOMs of years past. I can’t wait to see what other companies do with this engine once they license it and it’s probably a safe bet that many of them already have.

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  1. Well, now one would only need to know which graphics card to buy. I’m thinking about a Radeon (supposed to be best for Half-Life 2, much better than Nvidia stuff). But then, STALKER is optimized for Nvidia. What to do, what to buy?

    Have you heard of S.T.A.L.K.E.R – Shadow of Chernobyl? It has awesome graphics, a fascinating storyline (I recently read the book which inspired it) and some cool gameplay, apparently. RPG meets FPS shooter.


    BTW: Nice to know the CD arrived. ‘God Shuffled His Feet’ must have been one of my first CDs. Maybe even the first…

  2. I have to admit that Doom 3’s graphical presentation is without a doubt superb in it’s design, but the gameplay sucks major ass, though.

    After 10 hours of playing then beating the game, I found myself disappointed with Doom 3 all together. And I won’t be playing it again the near future.

    Now I’m waiting for Half Life 2 more than ever. I hope it’s much better than Doom 3 when it’s released this September, hopefully.

  3. You may find these screenshots of interest:

    I plan to write something about Doom 3 again soon as well, as soon as some more reviews are in, and most probably at a time I find nothing else to write about.

    I dind’t play the game myself (yet). I find myself not that much drawn towards it though – after all, it’s just another FPS game, with maybe some more shock effects (which is good) and a denser gameplay (which is good as well). But I have a built-in anti-mainstream filter, somehow, that strongly draws me away from the game…

  4. Ooooooh … pretttttttyyyyy …

    If I follow my usual pattern, I probably won’t pick this up for at least a year, but it does give me something to look forward to.

  5. Gotta admit, Doom 3 has excellent graphics and environment.  But gotta agree with Ben, the storyline is terrible. 

    This is far from what I expected because everyone was waiting for this game for so long, I even reserved it to make sure I get it on the first day.

    To sum it all up, Doom 3 is basically Doom 2 with better graphics and sound.  I don’t recommend buying it, unless you’re a snobby rich guy that likes to spend their money on everything!  jk

  6. Just out of curiosity, what were you expecting, Sal? I haven’t gotten far in the story myself so I don’t really have an opinion on it, but at least it has one this time. The previous two failed to hold my attention mainly because of the dearth of anything story-like about them. I didn’t go into this one expecting anything major in the way of story and was surprised by how much there is (at least so far) so I’m curious to hear what your expectations were.

  7. Well, I was expecting a much better storyline then the one given.  I think the creators found excuses to create motives for fighting.  You don’t know what’s going on, except that your are being attacked by aliens.  But why are they attacking?  What are their motives? 

    The creators have been thinking this game up for a while now.  I guess the beginning of the game, the storyline is okay, but towards the end of the game, you forget the reason you’re fighting and go back to “give me the gun, i’ll shoot the monster” routine.

    I’m still waiting for a revolutionary game that changes the way you play the game.  In a way, this is a revolutionary game, but only graphics wise.

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