DOOM 3 is a little scary.

Blogger Joey deVilla has an entry up linking to this video of a couple of teens playing DOOM 3 and completely freaking out whenever a baddie jumps out at them.

You never see what’s on the screen, but it’s pretty clear by the reactions of these two that it’s pretty intense. The way they hop around screaming you’d almost think they were being administered electric shocks. One of the kids even literally falls off his chair and spends most of the video gnawing on the pillow he’s using as a shield. It all makes for a pretty amusing video clip and id would probably find it a very effective endorsement for use in a commercial if they bought the rights to it.


You might want to turn down your computer speakers before playing this video. These guys scream like hyenas in a wood chipper.

Update: Looks like Joey had to take the clip down because his server was getting hammered. I’ll see if I can locate another spot that’s hosting it. Joey got it from File Pile, but I don’t have an account there myself.

Updated Update: Quentin Smith has graciously decided to host the file on his site so if you haven’t seen it yet then click here.

16 thoughts on “DOOM 3 is a little scary.

  1. He’s probably being swamped by folks trying to see the video at the moment as he’s been linked by Boing Boing. Give it another try in a couple of moments and see if it lets you through.

  2. Heh, I’m like that when playing… well, any kind of game that involves things popping out at me. I’m a bit of a sight in arcades.

    Maybe I should do commercials for games… wink

  3. Hmmm. Well, I have a copy of the file myself, but I was worried about killing my bandwidth if I hosted it. I guess I’ll see how well this FreeCache service works and put it up and see what happens.

  4. Then again, checking the site itself, it appears this service is currently offline so I’ll hold off for the moment. grin

  5. The links still work, but the comments at the site seem to indicate that that people are seeing no impact on their bandwidth usage at the moment which implies that it’s not caching as it should.

  6. After viewing the clip (albeit from a different source), I must admit that it did cross my mind that these boys might be on something other than flintstones and apple juice.

  7. Les,

    On a complete tangent, did you get your new cat home yet?  I’m stoked to see a picture of him, though I’m very much a dog person, I always find cats to be tremendously cute.

  8. Well, to tell you… I cranked my speaker system way up (I run my computer sound through my stereo) and played Doom3 from start to finish…and the dog ran and hid downstairs and the cat pissed on the floor… poor animals…but I must say it was an awesome experience all the same.

  9. OK, I’ll admit to getting the heebie-jeebies
    along with some major adrenaline flow but at
    no time did I lose my manhood! red face

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