Don’t bug me. I’m sleeping in your closet.

Melvin hasn’t been here a whole week yet, but he’s already settling in just fine. We’ve already identified some of his favorite hiding places and his number one favorite spot to spend time napping is in amongst all the clutter in our bedroom closet. He has to climb over a couple of different things to get to his spot, but he’ll stay there for hours at a time. I caught him napping yesterday when I snapped this pic over on the right. Click it for a bigger version.

Melvin is big on routines as well. If I stay up too late he lets me know by meowing and putting his paws on my keyboard tray. Then he has to follow me out to the front room when I check to see if the front door is locked, then he follows me back to the bathroom where I take care of last minute business before retiring to bed. Noticing I’m using the facilities he’ll go use his own and then come back and look at me like “You’re not done yet??” Then when I go to bed he climbs into the closet to catch some Z’s. In the morning he clambers out when I get out of the shower and then leads me down the hall stopping at the pantry so I can get my cereal and a bowl and then at the kitchen while I fill the bowl and get some milk and my daily pill, then when I sit down to eat he’ll do the same at his dish. If I’m not quick enough he gives me an irritated meow. In general he just seems to want to be wherever the people are and doing whatever the people are doing. He’s still exploring every now and then, but not as much as when he first arrived.

12 thoughts on “Don’t bug me. I’m sleeping in your closet.

  1. In general he just seems to want to be wherever the people are and doing whatever the people are doing.

    Think he’ll ask for his own web site?

  2. I’ve been told that the day I build him a computer is the day they call for the nice men in the white coats.

    Besides, a cat with a blog has been done already. grin

  3. smile Ok you got it right very quickly!!  Molly meets me in the hallway every morning as I come out of the bathroom and walks me to the pantry. There she waits while I get a scoop of her food.  She then walks me to the utility room to fill her dish and change her water.  All this must be done before I start my coffee.  Later when we sit down to eat breakfast you will find Molly at her dish pawing out one piece of food at a time—having breakfast with us!!!

  4. Eaten much cat hair yet, Les? Live with cats, eat cat hair. I have 4, cat hair is roughly 5% of my diet.


  5. Cat hair has never really been much of a problem with our family. I grew up with cats in the house and cat hair in the food wasn’t common and so far that has held true with Melvin. Though it probably helps he has large swaths shaved away from where they had to put in the stitches.

    Now, Anne hair is another issue… wink

  6. F-U buddy… I thought you liked a woman with long hair!  Your daughter’s is just a long, you you know. 

    Anyway… This cat is a short haired, black baby.  My sister’s long haired orange ball of hyperactivity leaves a lot more hair abouts.  Not to mention the little spoiled cutie gets brushed constantly by the people in the house, especially the daughter and mother types.

  7. Is hair of the cat as useful as hair of the dog?
    Just wondering.

    And sometimes I think I’d prefer cat hair in my food to cat hair in a ball on my floor. I go barefoot a lot in the house and usually find Mooch’s latest discard with one of my feet! Makes me wanna scream every time.

  8. Ah, yes, the incomparable joy of stepping in cat hurk in the middle of the night. I don’t know if it’s worse fresh and warm or old and cold.

    We have dust bunnies in our house that almost qualify as another pet.


  9. I haven’t gone to the bathroom by myself in eight years.  Try having five sets of eyes watching you pee (1 dog and 4 cats).  All that you have written is music to my ears.  I’m glad he is getting attatched so quickly!  I always tell people do not come to my house in good clothes.  I cannot keep up with the hair that’s flying!

  10. Melvin looks alot like my new cat, Sariah. I was on the computer and enlarged the cute Melvin pic and Sariah started trying to lick the computer, at least she wasn’t attacking the screen saver again. I have had Sariah for nearly a month now and I wish she would get in a routine, but she is still young.

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