Courtney is disappearing again.

We’re driving up to Momma’s Corner for a bit this afternoon to drop Courtney off so she can spend a week driving them nuts before coming home and starting high school, which she is nervous about. Starting high school that is, not driving Grandma nuts. She’s used to driving Grandma nuts. I’m going to get a chance to see my niece and nephew while we’re up there as they’re coming up to see Court because of her recent birthday. Speaking of which, my niece has asked for her own blog after being exposed to the idea when she spent a week with Grandma. So I’ll be talking with her about what she wants to call it and how she wants it to look and then I’ll be adding another member to the Jenkins Online family. Yes, the plague is spreading much to my brother’s chagrin I’m sure. Anyway, that’s what we’re up to today so if I’m not around much you’ll know why.

2 thoughts on “Courtney is disappearing again.

  1. Don’t spoil her TOO much, Momma wink (Yeah, as if that appeal has worked with any grandparent in the history of the universe!)  Enjoy your visit!

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