Can’t want for Sony’s upcoming PSP? Build yourself the next best thing.

That’s what avid gamer and Sony Playstation fan Brian Gardiner did when he sat down and tore apart his PS1 and its matching LCD screen to create his own palmPSone. Now he’s put together a very slick website that shows off his custom portable and explains why he did it as well as how and includes pictures of his progress. Alas, Brian isn’t selling these custom jobs though he is considering investigating the possibility if the response is good enough. I doubt that Sony would be receptive to the idea, but it never hurts to ask.

Brian’s not the first to take an older console and turn it into a portable, though. Ben Heckendorn was the first person to try something like this that I’m aware of when he took his old Atari 2600 and turned it into an Atari VCSp. He’s taken it through four more revisions with the last one dubbed The Vagabond. Since then he’s gone on to make a SNESp, NESp (not complete yet), as well as a PSp from an old PS1. Brian has done Ben’s hand-held Playstation one better by making use of a rapid prototyping service to have his case custom manufactured where Ben makes his by hand. Not that Ben’s doesn’t look nice, but the custom manufacturing makes the palmPSone look very professional. However, Ben does provide several tutorials on how you can make your own Atari hand-held if you’re feeling adventurous.

1 thought on “Can’t want for Sony’s upcoming PSP? Build yourself the next best thing.

  1. Very cool indeed.

    but I always wanted to play old games…mostly snes and sega genesis…

    I never understood why didn’t anyone yet make a portable system run with snes emulator instead? where you could somehow…upload a bunch of roms and have fun :p …yeah illigal I know…pity.

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