British man builds jet-powered wheel chair.

Say you’ve got a spare jet engine laying around, some spare time, and a mother-in-law away on vacation who foolishly left you her wheel chair. What do you do? Well, if you’re Giuseppe Cannella you mount the jet engine to the wheelchair and raise the art of tempting fate to new levels.

“Originally it was a gimmick. I had a jet engine and I was going to put it on a go cart.

“But the missus says put it on something unusual and so I put it on the mother-in-law’s wheelchair,” said Mr Cannella, who is from Luton in Bedfordshire.

“She was on holiday at the time so she didn’t know what I was doing until she came back.

“She actually thought I was doing it for her.”

The newly modified chair will hit top speeds of 60 MPH which will probably make for an entertaining, and very painful, crash someday when one of the wheels hits a pebble on the path. At least he’s risking life and limb for a good cause as he’s collecting donations for the Parkinson’s Disease Society as his mother-in-law suffers from that disease. Still, it’s good to know that Americans don’t have a lock on making bad ideas into dangerous realities. Anyone want to place bets on how long it’ll be before we move this from the Neato category to the Ouch category?

5 thoughts on “British man builds jet-powered wheel chair.

  1. The way this guy is dressed, this item may be moved from the ‘neato’ category to the ‘Darwin Awards’ category.

    I think the story is just a cover and he was planning to get his mother-in-law in the chair all along.

  2. Me thinks this dude ain’t too bright.

    Maybe its just mne.  But, i think jet-powered transportation of any form (in an non-protected seat, mind you) practically begs for a helmet to be worn.  And i love how he tilts his forehead down making frontal-lobe damage even more likely in the event of an accident.

  3. Haha oh my, this chap reminds me of my mad inventor uncle. He made a 4 wheel drive wheelchair, which was umm great in straight lines. Only problem was you had to get out and pick it up to turn it! Doh!

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