Another USB powered Christmas tree. And not a moment too soon!

Remember last November when I posted an entry about USB powered Christmas trees for decorating your favorite PC with? Well there’s a new version available from the folks at Mr.Gadget Australia that is less of a stylish interpretation as much as a miniature reproduction.

USB Christmas Tree : Mr.Gadget Australia

This USB Christmas Tree actually looks like a miniaturized version of those that you would see displayed in the windows of homes during the Christmas season.  The USB Christmas tree has green leaves and a wooden-look-alike pot.  The beauty about this USB Christmas tree is that the leaves won’t fall off and that it doesn’t require a huge effort to put up or pack away – it’s just a matter of finding a free USB port on your PC or notebook and then plugging it in. A great addition to the office and will definitely get people stopping by to talk about this neat USB gadget!

On a sturdy plastic base this USB powered Christmas tree will flash through a rainbow of colors(4 of them) and encourage festive spirits all day long.

It looks OK, but I’m not sure if I like it better than the other version I posted last year or not. Both will cycle through various colors, but the older model also includes an option to play back various carols in wonderfully tinny monophonic sound for a few bucks more. Either one is guaranteed to give your office’s PC Tech Support guy fits when he sees it plugged into your PC.


5 thoughts on “Another USB powered Christmas tree. And not a moment too soon!

  1. My wife found a USB powered vibrator a few days ago! She wanted a Firewire one, though.


  2. Double dipping here for a moment to mention that I did an entry shortly after the original USB Christmas Tree entry to list off all manner of USB powered devices. Suffice it to say that there probably isn’t anything out there in the way of small appliances that hasn’t been adapted to USB at this point.

  3. I bought the one last year and love it. It’s the talk of the lab where I work and it sits on top of my monitor with a clear acrylic snowman and an acrylic ice skating penguin.

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