A few things I’ve been meaning to mention.

With all the time I’ve spent over the last day or so re-reading studies on the effects of radon for the replies I’ve been putting up in this entry I’ve been left with little time to do new entries and there’s a few things I’d like to take care of in no particular order:

  1. A big thank you to the SEB regular in Germany who purchased the CD God Shuffled His Feet by the Crash Test Dummies for me off of my wish list. It arrived last week and I’ve been meaning to say so, but I’ve not been able to match up this person’s real name with whatever they use on SEB and I wasn’t sure if they wanted me to mention their real name so I’ll just say thank you again. Valis got me hooked on these guys back when we were dating and I’d intended to buy that CD for years now.
  2. I also have a big thank you for whomever bought me the FLCL (Fooly Cooly) – Vol. 1 DVD, PS2 USB Headset, and copy of Halo: Combat Evolved for the PC. This time I think I know who did it, but upon reflection I’ve gotten them mixed up with someone else with a similar name on more than one occasion so I’ll hold off naming them to save myself the embarrassment. It was really nice to come home and find these things waiting for me after a long day on the job and I appreciate your generosity.
  3. Congratulations are due for GeekMom and Elwed who recently added a new member to their family. I’m frantically digging through my old emails for the details, but I appear to have misplaced them in my absent-mindedness. Anyway, GM delivered last Friday I believe and mother and daughter are doing well. Be sure to drop them a note and wish them well.

OK, that’s all I can squeeze in at the moment even though there are some links sent to me via email that I wanted to share. I’ll have to do that later this evening as I’m already late for work.

8 thoughts on “A few things I’ve been meaning to mention.

  1. Thanks, Les and Spocko!

    Our little heathen, Thalia Franziska, was born last Thursday.  So far Elwed has accidentally sprinkled Pop Rocks on our older daughter’s nacho cheese dip (don’t ask), and succumbed to Daddy Brain in other ways—me, I just fall over from time to time.

    Must … feed … sleep … change … pump … burp … do laundry … many rivers (of poop) to cross …


  2. Must … feed … sleep … change … pump … burp … do laundry … many rivers (of poop) to cross …

    I can’t explain it – it is probably beyond rational explanation or technically sense-free – but you will be nostalgic for this time someday.  When it is at a safe distance, I guess.

    Congratulations GeekMom & Elwed!

    Captcha: “read” – my dad told me, “The only thing I’m still sure of about raising kids is that you should read to them a lot.”

  3. You’re welcome, Les, for FLCL (Fooly Cooly) – Vol. 1 DVD, the USB Headset, and Halo: Combat Evolved. I’m glad they made your day. Happy Happy Birthday and well, many more, of course!

    Congratulations GeekMom and elwedriddsche and no pressure, but I expect you to raise a great person. We have enough stupid evil bastards in the world ( the real type, that is.)

    I feel you guys have it in you to mold a great human being – But again, no pressure.

  4. Heh.  DOF, I don’t suppose everyone’s like that, though.  I’ve never been nostalgic for our (almost) five-year-old’s newborn times.  But this one seems SO FAR to be going easier on us than our firstborn.  Almost makes you want to believe in Zeus. wink

    Brooks, that is a beautiful site!  (And of course a beautiful girl.)

    Here’s another fun parenting blog:  Irony Central.  I love this guy.  His kid is going to be WAY twisted when she learns to read and discovers his blog …

    (Hey, someone tell Brock that I can start having his babies now, ‘k? :-D)

  5. Thanks again, Brock. I thought you were the one who sent them along, but the last name made me question my conclusion so I thought it best not to make a fool out of myself. These made for a nice early B’Day gift.

    Best of all, I already have a game to use the headset with. grin

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