You think I look scary!

People keep telling me I look all scary in my pics here on SEB, but I’m nothing compared to my best friend Karl. Check this out:

He makes me look almost normal.



8 thoughts on “You think I look scary!

  1. That is a truly great picture.  That face belongs on the label of a bottle of Jones’ soda.  (For those not blessed with access to Jones, they always have cool black&white pictures on the labels, always changing.)

  2. Great pic.  I had trouble with some kids riding bikes across the lawn so I printed out a couple 8X10’s of Karl, posted them around the yard and now dogs won’t even come over.  Thanks!  Les’ mug on the door still works better on the JW’s.

    capthca = ‘true’

  3. big surprise Place that on a six foot plus frame and you got scarry baby!  But you also got a real good guy too!

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