Valve opening up limited beta-testing of Counter-Strike: Source.

Well, here’s one way to get people to buy one of your crappier products: announce a limited beta-test of a new product everyone wants that requires them to buy the crappy product you’ve not been able to sell.

Counter-Strike: Source Beta Plans – Blue’s News


Starting later this summer, Valve will be conducting a limited-time beta of Counter-Strike: Source via Steam. The beta will first be open to subscribers of the Valve Cybercafé Program, and then extended to owners of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. The next installment of the world’s number 1 online action game, Counter-Strike: Source blends CS’s intense teamplay with the advanced technology of Valve’s Source engine. For more information, please visit

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero was supposed to be first and foremost a single-player CS experience, but it was being developed by an outside company and it bounced from one development house to another for awhile before finally being released. It’s received, at best, a luke-warm reception being that the only new thing it really brings to the table is the official CS Bot for offline play which, at the higher levels, is actually rather good. The offline play itself consists of a series of challenges not unlike the single player game found in Unreal Tournament 2004. Beyond that there’s not much that separates this game from the free mod for Half-Life. It’s the same graphics on the same maps with the same guns and the same objectives and yet they asked $40 for it. Now, if you don’t already own Half-Life or the previously released stand-alone version of CS then this might not be a bad package to pick up, but if you do then you’re probably like most of us and stayed away from this release as though it were a dead rotting carp stinking up the place. At half the price I’d still be hesitant to pick it up because I’ve already got this game minus the bots (which I don’t care about) and some very linear attempts at a story mode.

Now, Counter-Strike: Source is something I’m seriously looking forward to and it’s to be included free with Half-Life 2 which is just cool as hell. The only two ways to get into the beta, though, is to open up a Cyber Café or buy the craptastic Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. *Sigh* Maybe I’ll get lucky and find some store that’s trying to off-load copies they couldn’t sell at rock bottom prices…

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