Underrated blogs and the people who love them.

Seems there’s been a lot of talk about underrated blogs lately. First there was the second annual Underblogs from the folks at the LivingRoom blog, which someone was kind enough to submit SEB for consideration. Then the other day Buzz of Buzzstuff found himself inspired to a similar undertaking after witnessing some sniping over at someone else’s blog about overrated blogs. I had fully intended to mention this then, but let it slip through the holes in my brain until I saw the list he compiled and posted today, which again includes Stupid Evil Bastard even though I clearly stated that SEB is an overrated blog and that I like it that way. Buzz’s list isn’t as lengthy as LivingRoom’s, but is still very worthy of browsing through.

Well far be it for me to miss the boat on grabbing a good meme by the horns when it’s still hot off the fire so I thought I’d give it a go here. Just browsing through my referrer lists on occasion has led me to find some interesting new reads and I keep meaning to pimp a few of them on occasion and we’ve got a pretty interesting mix of folks reading SEB daily so speak up and let me know what some of your favorite blogs are that you would consider underrated. I’ll post my list a little later.

9 thoughts on “Underrated blogs and the people who love them.

  1. etherian,

    I just looked over your site, LOVE the layout…

    Deadscot, my blog is way overrated, and if it were a meat space rag, it would be good for birdcage liner, but thank you for the nod wink


    captcha = ‘reading’ hmmm…

  2. Buzz,
    Wow, I have to agree, geekasaurus rocks! There are some true geek gems in there.. Jabba on the Dais is well… the shit

    >>added to blogroll<<


  3. As usual, you’re wrong, Les.  This is a VERY underrated site, as well as other sites like Solonor and Anne who I wonder why EVERYONE doesn’t have them linked.

    Unlike that political pissfest from last week, this is what blogs SHOULD be about… whatever topic comes to mind, and a stream of visitors exchanging ideas.

  4. Oh, Buzz, thanks for that pointer to Nef’s site!  Holy testicle Tuesday, that Jabba on the Dais … (Not to mention the spit/swallow discussion …)


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