Tamara Wilhite is a right-wing idiot.

Well if nothing else this is certainly a new argument, by right-winger Tamara Wilhite, on why gay marriage is a “bad thing.” It pisses off the terrorists.

What does this have to do with terrorism? Quite a bit. These Muhajadeen – mad Muslim Men – hate us. Their real reason is that we refuse to roll over and cry Mullah. Their stated reasons are our evil vice and our support for Israel. How does the failure of the Federal Marriage Amendment play into their hands? Not only do we allow our women to go unveiled. Not only do we allow our daughters to have sex outside of marriage. Not only do we allow abortion. Not only do we allow women equal rights. We dare to allow homosexuality to exist.

In Muslim countries, the punishment for homosexuality ranges from death to a long prison sentence. Mohammed’s word was for homosexuals to be executed. Not only do we allow homosexuals to exist. Not only don’t we allow them to live, we tolerate them living in the open. They can be seen in public office and public broadcasting. Now, worst of all, we are granting them equal parity in the law with heterosexual couples. If that is not giving the green light to sin, then neither is Madonna dancing around in the near nude provocative.

The full article over at Bush Country is short and borderline incoherent, but the gist that I take away from it is that Tamara seems to be arguing that we should outlaw gay marriage because that’s what the terrorists want us to do and we shouldn’t piss them off any more than we already have. She seems to be trying to imply that Islamic terrorists regard homosexuality to be the worst of all possible sins making all the other transgressions we’ve allowed pale in comparison such that the bad guys would be even more motivated to strike out at us in “protest for this evil,” as she puts it. Come to think of it, she seems to agree with the terrorists about what should be considered evil which leaves you to wonder how she’s any different from the bad guys she’s trying to save us from…

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31 thoughts on “Tamara Wilhite is a right-wing idiot.

  1. Uh…


    How can one intelligently respond to stupidity?

    I can’t think of a particularly good way, other than to imitate Keanu. And that’s not intelligent.



    *shakes head* If anything, her argument is why Americans SHOULD legalize gay marriage – after all, you don’t want to play into the terrorists’ ideals! We don’t cover our women, pre-marital sex is legal, and now gay marriage! WE FLAUNT OUR SIN IN YOUR FACE!

    (“leave” – I can’t think of anything witty, but this amuses me anyway)

  2. Yeah, she’s totally right. Al Queda is also peeved at this thing called Christianity. We might as well get rid of that so the terrorists won’t be grumpy anymore. And I hear Muslim law and the idea of a republic is incompatible as well. Everyone remember to stay home on Election Day so the terrorists won’t recieve a signal that America will practice Republican government too.

  3. I’m with Alex.  Stunned by the absurdity.

    I’d say she was out in left field but that would be too conservative.  She didn’t even make it to the ballpark.  She does however, have some great material for ‘The Daily Show’.  Maybe she should consider a career change.

    After reading her bio it is a little disturbing that someone can go through our higher education system and still fail so miserably at writing a constructive argument.

    A paradoxical argument could made to Wilhite proposing to legalize gay marriage and ban churches.

  4. Personally, it looked like she was close to advocating death to gays, but then, I’m just a liberal weenie.

  5. It certainly did look as if she were advocating death to gays… what a maroon.

    However, if she keeps it up, she just may end up offering one reason they’ll allow us to marry—so the terrorists won’t win!

  6. Jeez…  It’d be funny see her respond to this thread and get her ass handed to her.

  7. I have used this very same logic to argue against US policy in the MidEast region.  “One reason we shouldn’t attack Iraq is that it will imflame Islamist terrorists.  They’re very upset by our presence in the region.”

    That was a head-scratcher as I tried to figure out the difference between her argument and mine.  All I could come up with was that the Islamists weren’t entitled to an opinion on what we do in our own country, but they were entitled to an opinion on what we do in theirs.  But that didn’t wash, either, because I certainly have a lot to say about what those oppressive religious fucks do in their own countries.  So I had to find some other difference.

    How about this: both sides are entitled to opinions and persuasive communication (i.e., free speech,) but neither side is entitled to blow people up.  There.  I can live with that.

    Capcha: church

  8. Although homosexuality is publicly hated in the Arab world, and condemned by Islam, it is widely practiced by many Arab men.  Many.  From numerous personal experiences, i can tell you it is far easier hooking up in Amman than it is in Boston.  And Cairo?  Please, every 4+ star hotel’s bar is a gay bar after sundown, especially during Ramadan.

    (And, not to join the Capthca Religion bandwaggon, but mine was “mans” for this comment?  Maybe, just maybe, there *is* a ryhme and reason to the word selection.)

    BZW, marriage is a biazarre, medieval construct best left in the trash heap of history.  It’s obviously being abused by too many people, and causes enormous costs on our judicial system and society.  I’m with Huxley on this:  marriage should be a dirty, dirty word.

    Abolish all marriages and nationalize America’s minors as property of the State.  It’s the right thing to do and will save American billions all the way around.

    .rob adams

  9. What?!!  I am shocked!  You mean the Muslim faith is just as hypocritical as the Christian faith?!!!  This is an outrage.

    Seriously, I didn’t know that.  I can hardly imagine the hardships faced by gay Muslim men.  The Allah-cops get ahold of you and you’re really screwed – and not in a good way. I’ve also heard that people who are left-handed in Muslim countries are forced to use their right hands.  File under reasons why “Religion sucks.”

    Boondocks cartoon: Gran’pa sits the two kids down to explain the gay marriage controversy to them.  He begins by saying, “First of all, let me just say that all marriage is wrong…”

  10. I don’t think many of these Arab men would call themselves gay.  In fact, none of them probably would.  They consider it “just sex” and of a very different sort than with their wives.  Americans tend to have a binary 0/1 idea of sexuality; You’re either gay or straight, and anything inbetween is just kidding yourself.  I think most people in the world consider sexual orientation more of a degree, with a wide, wide range of variations to the gay or straight side of that wide spectrum.

    As to right/left hand use:  To this day i grimmace if i see someone eat something with their left hand (like a taco).  It grosses me out.

    This isn’t so much about Islam.  Such rules are very common in MidEast cultures (and thus religions), long before Muhammed’s warriors were converting entire villages and forcing people to learn geometry and drink coffee.  Islam, like Judaism, merely codified a number of good, healthy habits, like washing your hands before a meal.

    To this day in the MidEast, you will see people do all sorts of nasty things with their left hand.  It’s kinda treated like a utility hand.  You clean disgusting things with that hand, saving your right hand for functions that require cleanliness.

    Trust me, even if you were a coptic christian (which, bzw, is not a very clean-orientated religion), you wouldn’t be using your left hand to eat falafells either.  It’s not Islam, it’s good, clean habits.


  11. I must say Rob, that I’ve been amused by some of your comments lately as they seem to be coming from out of left field, but this one is from another ballpark altogether.

    I’m aware of the different cultures that consider the left hand to be reserved for unclean tasks and I think it’s pretty silly. Truth is as long as you wash properly there shouldn’t be an issue as to which hand you use for what. I’m technically right handed myself, but I’m borderline ambidextrous as I’ll use my left hand as often as my right for various tasks both clean and otherwise and I’m no worse for wear as a result.

    Even washing doesn’t kill everything on your hands and if you had a clue how disgusting just about anything you put into your mouth using either hand,  with or without silverware, tends to be you’d realize just how silly that attitude really is. That’s why we have immune systems and there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that being too clean can actually make you unhealthy, particularly in regard to the overuse of antibacterial products.

  12. The whole left-hand issue is certainly about cleanliness, but it’s *also* about norms and being polite.  Perhaps the closest custom in America is the whole handwashing routine after taking a piss.

    Sure, urine is sterile (e.g., they teach you that the best way to clean a wound in-field, sans any clean water, is to piss hard & directly into your buddies wound to irrigate it before bandaging it up).  But, sterile or not, how many of us would feel comfortable shaking a guys hand after he took a piss, knowing he didn’t wash his hands, and that:
    1) there’s probably a smidgen of his urine somewhere on his hands
    2) you’re touching unwashed skin that touched his favourite member just moments ago

    I know i wouldn’t feel to good about it, regardless of the low chances of me catching something with such low-level contact.  So…  It’s not about cleanliness as it is about being polite and obeying cultural norms.  EG:  If you want to get ahead in the office, make sure everyone sees you washing your hands after taking a piss.

    EG:  If you want to get ahead in Arab cultures, don’t go digging into the pita and humous with your left hand.

    Same principle.

    Here’s another cultural difference…
    After having sex, with one’s self or a woman (or a man), anything you touch is tainted and “unclean” (not in the germ sense, but in the above sense described).  For example, my Arab dorm-mates after banging their girlfriends would make a point of warning you not to touch them, and they would also avoid touching common items (door knobs, kitchen cabinets, etc.)

    Same thing goes if a woman is having her period.

    (hope that answers the handjob question wink

    (Captcha:  “come”—honest!)

  13. Just another illustration that most of religion – and society in general – is a confusion of refinement with virtue.  And “refinement” is pretty much rubbing blue mud in your belly button when the rule book says.

    “Ewww!  I touched a doorknob that was touched by someone who touched privates once!”  What’s the half-life of “unclean?” 

    (Did you hear what she said?  Not that fork, the other one.  You’re wearing that shirt with those pants?  Did you genuflect from right-to-left or left-to-right?  Your lawn needs mowing!  Your outburst is an affront to the decorum of this assembly!)

    Small wonder most of my friends put their feet on the coffee table.  One which I constructed with exactly that in mind.  And I wash my coffee cup every other week or so, if I remember.

    Getting back to the homosexuality/terrorism thing:

    I don’t think many of these Arab men would call themselves gay.  In fact, none of them probably would.  They consider it “just sex

  14. Sure, urine is sterile (e.g., they teach you that the best way to clean a wound in-field, sans any clean water, is to piss hard & directly into your buddies wound to irrigate it before bandaging it up).[/Quote]
    You do not ever urinate on an open wound.  Don’t know what movie you saw that in but please don’t ever try it.  I’ve been through some of the military’s finest medical training schools and let me assure you that this technique is frowned upon.

    I don’t think many of these Arab men would call themselves gay.  In fact, none of them probably would.  They consider it “just sex

  15. So is my wife.  When she started school (1961) she got her hand slapped for refusing to hold the pencil in her right hand.  Her left-handed mother, who endured similar treatment as a child, marched down to the school and raised hell.  Soon after that the school started letting southpaws be southpaws.

    We’re moving toward enlightenment at plate tektonic speed…

  16. Sure, urine is sterile (e.g., they teach you that the best way to clean a wound in-field, sans any clean water, is to piss hard & directly into your buddies wound to irrigate it before bandaging it up).

    You do not ever urinate on an open wound.  Don’t know what movie you saw that in but please don’t ever try it.  I’ve been through some of the
    military’s finest medical training schools and let me assure you that this technique is frowned upon.

    Let’s remember an active field soldier might have to continue to function (i.e., fight to live) for several or more days without having care beyond his field dressing, if even that.  It’s about functioning and the wound not becoming septic during that time.  Sometimes you’re stuck in a ditch for days and days, without even a bandage.  Compromises are made, beyond the idea of an ER/A&E being a few minutes or hours away, or a medical team in the next trench.  And, at least in 1988, this *was/is* standard field training in Israel’s Ts”HaL/IDF.

    I actually had an opportunity to use it, of all places, on a rather deep kneck wound (while hiking on some cliffs), didn’t get any infection, and only have a very, very minor scar. No doctor, granted in back-water Israel, yelled at us for doing so either.  And Israel is no backwater in terms of medicine eh?, this is (or was) standard training in ts’hal.  Anyway… wink

    …Homosexuality in Arab countries is not labeled or thought of as ‘gay’ in the same context as it is here in the US.  Arab men practice sex in a very hierarchal structure of power.  Men, women, boys, girls, and then slaves.

    Sex between two men is merely a physical ‘power’ act between them.  Where they run into cultural problems is when the relationship evolves beyond sex and into ‘love’.  This is when the men become ostracized from the community and condemned under Islamic and Muslim law.  It’s a very complex and hypocritical society.

    I’m not sure Arab homosexual behavior is so structured or the power-chart your descrive, or can be so clinically stripped apart like the above text.  Gay sex isn’t always about power, no matter where on our planet.  Gay sex, like straight sex, surely can be about power—not always, however, nor really that often.  Gay sex can, mostly, be about just getting off in a convienant fashion.  It can also be about getting off on one’s own body (narcisism) or that of another male’s body that you admire physically or emotionally, such as in a team/sport context (been there too, in American HS).  Sure, power-trip sex happens, everywhere, but by no means more-so in the Arab world. I think that’s an Americanism at work while percieving/processing another, foreign culture.

    I think Westerners (and i’m assuming all, if not most, are just that) tend to place foreign behaviors in 0/1, all/nothing, brutal/civil rubrics.  Like sexual orientation, i tend towards the understanding that behavior is in shades and degrees.

    I’ve surely met an Arab man that wanted to be totally submissive (a bottom), or vice-versa.  But, i think that’s rare, especially amongst those that lead straight lives.  And, remember, most of these men continue to have gay sex without every being noticed…  And, if they are noticed, it’s often ignored, due to the fact that sex is generally a taboo subject in Arab culture.  It’s considered a subject for the uneducated/unrefined/sloppy-values/crude individual.

    …but I don’t know much about Islam – how does that fit with homosexual cruising?
    1) They’re clearly cheating on their wives.  Doesn’t Islam prohibit cheating on one’s wife (or wives)?
    2) If it’s true that Islam is really anti-homosexuality, aren’t they taking a rather giant risk?  Or is it all just a smokescreen for anti-Americanism?

    Arab culture isn’t all about Islam.  Average Arab Ahmed is pretty much interested in the same things as the Avergae Joe American, just that he has less than his American counterpart.  No wonder that, given the chance, they flock (or live) in America.  It about getting by, living well, and being happy.  Islam?  Are most of Americans bible-thumping Christians who goto church each Sunday? No. Did most of you grow up in that context?  No.

    If the Arab world were so hotly religious, the mosuques would (literally) be packed for morning prayers.  They’re not.

    Make no mistake, religion holds a more *unified* presence in the Arab world (due to no Reformation or schism on the scale we have in the West that *transcended* regional divisions).  As a result, i think Westerners percieve some omnipresent religious force within every Arab’s life.  Not so.

    This is so much less about religion than it is about a social culture, just like here in America, albeit with profoundly less resources or opportuniries.

  17. And, yes, i’m about as Left as you can legally be in America.  Why, if i had my way you’d all be happily living in communes, eating rice, and denouncing each other in nightly political debriefings.

    But, alas, i belong to the Democratic National Party, and have had to compromise a bit in this my 35th year.

    .rob adams says all will be Fantastic come the Revolution

  18. “I actually had an opportunity to use it, of all places, on a rather deep kneck wound (while hiking on some cliffs), didn’t get any infection, and only have a very, very minor scar.”

    A NECK wound. If you were alone, I’m impressed.

    Just for the record, my grandmother told me about the cleaning whiddle, too. I thought it was way to gross at the time and I never had occasion to try in any case.

  19. elwedriddsche – LMAO

    I must say that my experience in the Arab world has differed slightly from yours.  I would agree that most Arab people that I met were interested in living a nice, happy life but they were far less materialistic than a typical American.  Even those that had the means for a more ‘westernized’ life-style elected to maintain their station in life.  I suppose the differences are as vast as traveling amongst any state in the US.  Although not evangelical in their religion, their routines, and daily devotions are unlike anything I’ve encountered in the US.

    Glad you were able to save yourself with that urine trick but I would advise against it in the future.  Some countries still advocate this practice but it has been shown to cause toxic shock to some individuals.  In others, it has just turned them into left-wing nuts.

  20. That woman’s logic (or the lack thereof) gave me a SERIOUS migraine.  What happened to all that “… or the terrorists win” stuff?

    Hey I’m an ambidexrous (primarily left handed) guy.  I do all sorts of stuff with my right hand (that you probably don’t want to know) that will piss Osama off.


  21. Well the US Military may not advocate peeing on your wounds but peeing on your food may become a reality.

    Would you eat food cooked in your own urine? Food scientists working for the US military have developed a dried food ration that troops can hydrate by adding the filthiest of muddy swamp water or even peeing on it.

    Full article at New Scientist

    Found at Dave Barry’s Blog

  22. I read somewhere (a Steven Pinker book, maybe, or something else on neurology) that people who are left-handed are actually just not as heavily biased towards the use of their right hand as right-handed people are.  In other words, they’re not “left-handed” in the same sense; they’re just closer to ambidextrous.  Which makes sense to me—I used whatever hand I was taught to use, and ended up with an interesting division of labor:  I use my left hand for detail work (writing, eating, sewing, etc.) and my right hand for things requiring strength (throwing a ball, using a racquet, punching, lifting, and so on).

    In “Penn and Teller: Bullshit!” they do a segment in their “Safety Hysteria” episode where they have a lab test various body parts to see which ones have the nastiest germs.  Turns out even the butt is a lot cleaner than we think.  One guy was a lot less sanitary on his face.  But we’re hardwired to avoid mixing eating or hygiene with elimination, so we can’t really help being grossed out even when we know the facts.

    Good catch, Pop Tarts.  It just seems that someone who hates any group that much is just bound to hate EVERYONE else to varying degrees …


  23. These Muhajadeen – mad Muslim Men – hate us.

    Errrr…. I thought I thought “Muhajadeen” was Arabic for “Holy Warriors” (God’s on their side too, I guess).

    Oh well, I suppose for simpletons, using definitions with the letter “M” in it makes more sense.  When in doubt, make shit up, I always say!

  24. Wow, So it is me that caused the whole terrorist thing. Not the horrid US polocy towards the Middle East.

    So not I caused the distruction of New Orleans, I caused 9/11, and if I recall I was also the cause of the hurricanes last year.

    Wow, I never knew I had so much power in my underware.

    LOL Thanks Les for the giggle, I needed it. Now I am off to DC, I hear there is an event in town.

  25. Maybe she just means that liberals should be more concerned about the Muslim threat because it attacks liberal values as much or more than it does Christian.

  26. Go read it again. That’s not what she means at all. She’s clearly suggesting that we should ban homosexuality as a means of protecting us from Muslim extremists.

  27. Wow, extreme thread necromancy without it involving Tesla watches or Chuck Missler?

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