Stupid Evil Bastard Reviews is now open.

Presenting Stupid Evil Bastard Reviews.

It’s a little light on content at the moment, but it should be more or less ready for use as of now. Expect to see changes to it over the following days as I decide what else to add to it. I started digging through my old entries for previous reviews I’ve done that I could transfer over, but as it turns out I haven’t done as many as I thought I had. Out of all of them I found one that was lengthy enough in my opinion to warrant transferring to the new site. That was my review of the Cowboy Bebop movie and I’m not entirely happy with it either so I may expand upon it.

All the other reviews were very short so I’ll be rewriting them when I move them over. I’ll also probably be changing the graphic for the rating to be a little more theme specific, but for right now they’re just stars. I’ll also be modifying SEB itself so it’ll display new entries from both blogs as they’re entered. Comments/criticisms/suggestions are, as always, welcomed and encouraged.

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