Spider-Man in “The Peril of Doc Ock”

I’ve not had a chance to see the new Spider-Man movie yet because, frankly, I’m broke until this Friday. Even then the budget is going to be tight so it’s hard to say if I’ll make it out to the theater anytime soon.

If you’re in a similar situation then you’ll be happy to know that the folks at Lego feel our pain and have provided us a little somethin’-somethin’ to take the edge off:  Spider-Man in “The Peril of Doc Ock”!








5 thoughts on “Spider-Man in “The Peril of Doc Ock”

  1. No, it’s stupid IE and it’s stupid non-compliance. I had added a clear tag to the CSS so the picture would stay within the entry box, but IE misinterpreted it. I’ve got a fix in place, but I probably need to rip the whole page apart and make a new design.

    It renders just friggin’ FINE in Firefox.

  2. I get that same problem in Mozilla – a ton of ‘blackspace’ in the middle of a post or a reply.  You scroll down, oh, 100 screens or so, and the entry continues.  It hadn’t bothered me so I didn’t mention it.


  3. Spidey2 was very good – can’t wait for 3!
    Saw Hellboy afterwards and it couldn’t come close.
    Since we’re on the subject of movies I’ll also mention Bubba Ho-tep (comedy-horror), Bruce Campbell was fantastic as an aged Elvis pulling kung-fu moves while hanging on to a walker!
    Go rent this.

    Loved the Lego spoof – the soundtrack was very impressive.

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