Sony’s PlayStation 3 to be on display and playable at next year’s E3.

Looks like Sony is trying to put some pressure on Microsoft by making a formal announcement that they will not only have a PS3 for display at next year’s E3, but that it’ll be playable as well.

Yahoo! News – Sony Says New PlayStation to Be on Display at E3

Sony’s game-business head Ken Kutaragi said it planned to unveil a playable version of the new console at next year’s E3, the annual video-game trade show scheduled to take place from May 18 to 20 in Los Angeles.

“There has been some talk that development is not going well, but we expect to have a playable version at E3. We are pushing ahead with that schedule in mind,” Kutaragi told a meeting of developers, suppliers and media.

This isn’t that surprising as Sony hopes to launch the PS3 in 2006 putting the E3 unveiling roughly a year ahead of the launch just like with the PS2. Some industry analysts have suggested that development delays could force the PS3 into a 2007 launch date, but Sony is claiming that’s not going to happen though they’re not setting an official launch date either. Microsoft continues to claim they’ll release the “Xbox Next” before Sony hits shelves with the PS3 and likely will show it off during next year’s E3 as well.

3 thoughts on “Sony’s PlayStation 3 to be on display and playable at next year’s E3.

  1. So true, so true, Xbox 2 is due for release during Christmas of 2005, 1 whole year before the release of the PS3 smile Personally, I think the Xbox is the only thing M$ has ever done right. It is easy to mod, includes a replaceable HD, built-in broadband port, great GPU, etc. I happen to love mine, whereas I only use my PS2 in the rare occasion that I want to play a game not on the Xbox platform, and Xbox Live is extremely fun for games like Unreal Championship 2003 smile

  2. When the next xbox comes out it better be smaller and not so bulky like the last one.

  3. If the PS3 Comes out after the “XBNG” (xbox next gen.) Microsoft will be making the same mistake that Sony did with the PS2 a few years back, dont forget after sony put out the PS2, Microsoft went into full redesign mode.(Aa a mechanical engineer we do the same thing with comp. products) Microsoft did some slight redesign with the x-box to make sure everything over shot the PS2 (other than the controller, xbox controllers need help) than started releaseing information about the better than ps2 to make sure customer buy x-box and not PS2.  (Any real Gamer has all the major system, but by hart i love my PS2)
    Watch this, if the XBNG come out in x-mass 2005, by March 2006 sony will be making press release for updated specs. on the PS3 with some major and minor changes over the original specs. They wont be able to change everything but they will have a chance to put some better hardware in it that will swamp the XBNG.
    This is realy quit common in the design industry

    This is just what I think (there is no facts here)


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