Sitting on my ass doing nothing in particular.

Let’s see. What have I been up to lately?

  1. Modified the SEB template to allow for entries from the SEB Reviews subblog to show up here as well.
  2. Added a Recently Reviewed section to the sidebar as an additional navigation aid
  3. Started playing Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow so expect a review soon.
  4. Same goes for Thief: Deadly Shadows
  5. Watched the premiere of Rescue Me that we had recorded on the DVR. The new drama from Dennis Leary on a New York City fire department. First TV drama in a long time that I’m actually hooked on, but it helps I’m a big Dennis Leary fan. If you haven’t see it, you should.
  6. Oh, we got a new cable box about a week or so ago that has a DVR in it. I’ve been meaning to mention that for awhile. Not quite as full-featured as a TiVO, but not a bad way to introduce yourself to the joys of DVR.
  7. I’ve had to stop using my favorite deodorant, Old Spice, because it appears I’m becoming allergic to it. I appear to have suffered some minor chemical burns recently from it and the redness that had developed has subsided since switching to my wife’s brand. So I smell a little flowery right now, but at least my arm pits aren’t burning any more. I’m open to suggestions on a new men’s deodorant.
  8. Speaking of deodorants, have you ever noticed that they’re a lot like religion in that you tend to use whatever your parents used?
  9. Same goes for things like laundry detergent and hand soap.
  10. Saturdays are quickly becoming my big TV watching days. I tend to use them to catchup on all the documentary style crap I don’t normally get a chance to watch. History channel had a great one on Secret Passages yesterday.
  11. I’m sure there was something else I was going to mention, but I can’t recall what it was.

OK, so thats that.

12 thoughts on “Sitting on my ass doing nothing in particular.

  1. I use the unsented Mitchum.  I think that is a men’s deoderant but its the best I have ever used.

  2. I love Old Spice, my Dad used it too, but can’t hardly find the regular kind any more. All we have here is the “Fresh” scent which I hate. I told the wife I needed new pitshit because all I had was the Fresh crap. She goes to the store and comes back with – Fresh crap! Argghhhhh! I now have 3 thingamajigs of Fresh that I hate.

    I think I’ll try the Mitchum.

  3. I use old spice as well, however, speedstick has a scent that is similar to the old spice “fresh” scent.  I don’t remember what it’s called though.  You could try that.

  4. For some reason this thread brings back memories of gym class and some guy trying to ‘borrow’ my deodorant.

    Switched from Mitchum to Degree Gel and have never looked back.  Deodorants are such a hereditary thing.  My brother only used Old Spice because my dad did and he switched to Degree after coming to visit me and forgetting his own at own.

    I thought I was the only one watching that Secret Passages show yesterday.  My wife kept calling me a geek because I had meant to go to the driving range.

  5. Mennen Speedstick – basic unscented. Used to usde Old Spice but deeloped allergies too a long time ago – same with all anti-perspirants, can’t use them because of some aluminum compound they contain (to stop you perspiring) that causes an almost instant rash/itch with me.

  6. Smells are very primal things.  We tend to stick with familiar smells that have good associations (like home and family, if such be the case).

    I just realized that after we tried Tide once, I wanted to change back to Cheer because something in the aroma of the Tide that got left in the clean clothes smelled too musky, like the cologne of a jerk ex-boyfriend.  It annoyed me every time I folded laundry, without my really being conscious of what it was.

    Old Spice reminds me of one particular boy I dated in high school, and I don’t think I could ever break that association.  My hubby had better never try wearing Aramis, or I’d have to slap his face (it was worn by a real asshole I dated for some time).  Zest makes me feel like I’m back in my parents’ house, as that’s what they used for years.  And so on.

    Good luck finding a new scent you can live with, Les!


  7. I use Lady Mitchum gel (unless the regular Men’s Mitchem gel is on sale, lol).  So, Les used mine for a whole day or so.  Today I picked up some Men’s Mitchum gel for him and Lady’s for me.  I usually bye unscented myself, but since there was a sale running, the unscented was not on the shelves.  Whatever sent we ended up, we will “put up with” until I can get ahold of some unscented again.  In the past I’ve used different scented ones, but I just don’t like most of them (except baby powder).  However, I haven’t had a bad reaction to any of the Mitchums (Lady’s or otherwise) in the clear gel form.  I’ve always been highly sensitive to such things… I don’t where perfume, because I either break out in a painful rash or the smell truns really rank on me in about 2 mintues. My personal body chemistry in general is fucked up, I think, LOL!

  8. The scents are generally the culprits in deoderant.  Unscented are best, hypo-allergenic are even better.  Mennen is a good product all round, even scented.  Arm & Hammer unscented is good, but hard to find.

  9. I use the same pit help as my parents did oddly enough but I like it the best. A couple weeks ago I was mad not one product listed: “clear” WTF.
    Of note everytime I have used For “men”, men love the scent and think I am wearing perfume and ask what is it? IT must be a chemical balance thing, guys like on me I’m talkin perfect strangers.
    I probelm is I can’t find the laundry tablets any more. Its pissing me off, many companies had them in all the stores now nowhere to be found. Its a conspiracy against me.

  10. I use…Right Guard Sport Powder Dry spray because I am allergic to stick deoderants…even the supposedly hypoallergenic ones, natch.

  11. Right Guard anti pers/deod. clear gel stick.  I switched from the powdered, it left dandruff looking flakes if I didn’t tuck my shirt in (ewww!).  Fresh scent, b/c I can’t find surf scent anymore.  Parents used spray on, I never liked it, blast radius too big wink 

    As far as laundry detergent, we switched to the unscented cheer and bounce when the wife got pregnant.  She got real sensitive to smells (still is), and we didn’t want the perfumes potentially bothering the baby.  Dreft is a crock – it’s got a strong baby powder type smell, so we just used the Cheer Free on baby laundry.  Now we’ve gotten to the point that if someone uses scented detergent or dryer sheets, it smells strong to us. 

    The only scented items in our house are vanilla candles, which we rarely light anymore.  And a diaper pail.  A friend of ours told us he liked the way our house smelled (pre diaper pail), which I greatly appreciated.  Nowadays, the diaper pail and a TruAir carbon filter fight it out in the spare bedroom while a GE air cleaner and the litterbox tangle in another room. 

    Personally, I don’t like strong cologne scents, likely b/c my high school principal (that I didn’t really get along with) would use it to cover the fact that he smoked in the teachers’ lounge.  It worked, since it was about 3 years before I found out he smoked – that’s how MUCH cologne he’d wear!  You could actually smell him coming if you were downwind. 

    I started using Aussie hair products b/c an old girlfriend used them, and the smell of her hair was one of those scents I liked.  Aussie manages to irritate me at times, b/c they periodically change their shit up, and I have to figure out what’s closest to the stuff I currently use. 

    Lately it seems that more of the things I’ve used for years have disappeared.  You just have to realized that your favorites won’t always be around, and be ready to adapt.  Otherwise, you’ll get pissed off more often.  If it’s clothing, buy extras.  I found some river shorts I really liked a few years ago and made sure to buy a couple extra pair, b/c I can no longer find them.

  12. I used to use Old Spice because my dad used it too…now I like Right Guard Xtreme sport. The invisible solid anti-persirant I like the fresh blast. When I’m lifting (and I sweat perfusely), my underarms are the only dry spot on me…

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