pesky’apostrophe: always better than an unexpected period

Man, if you don’t read pesky’apostrophe you really should. If Mac weren’t already married and I weren’t already married and we didn’t live in totally different states and we happened to bump into each other later one evening while shopping at a local store and she was struck by how the light gleams off my shaved head in that peculiar, but strangely fascinating way and she had a thing for guys who play entirely too many video games and a dangerous obsession for the musical group They Might Be Giants, then I’d totally probably marry her. Yep, I’m Mac’s blog stalker.

But only because she’s so prolific and she says a lot of the same sort of things I do, often times better than I say them and in fewer words to boot. Good stuff. Go read some.

What? I dunno. Just felt like pimpin’ one of my dailies with a little link lovin’ is all.

6 thoughts on “pesky’apostrophe: always better than an unexpected period

  1. I’ve been following Mac’s blog for quite a while.  Can’t remember how I got there, but you are right – it’s some pretty exceptional writing.

  2. Aw, thanks for the love! And I’ll let you in on a little secret—my first crush as a teen was on a bald man.  I’ve you’re bald and wear argyle socks, well, I’m all about that. *grin*

  3. But, Mac, from the pix I’ve seen of Mr. Fish, doesn’t he have a pretty full head of hair?  Anyway, glad SEB gave you a well-deserved plug.

  4. You’re preaching to the converted, boyo! Mac’s blog is one of the first places I go whenever I turn on the computer. And more than once I’ve read a particular news item there first, before I see it on the news or read about it somewhere else.

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