Office Depot and HP team up to offer free electronics recycling.

Got an old PC laying around,a busted Palm Pilot, or some other old useless electronic device you’ve been meaning to get rid of? Worried about the possible toxic components inside sitting in a local landfill? Then the folks at HP and Office Depot are inviting you to bring your old junk to them:

Yahoo! News – HP, Office Depot Launch PC Recycling Program

Under the Office Depot-HP program, which runs through Sept. 6, customers can drop off any brand of unwanted electronics at any of Office Depot’s more than 850 U.S. stores. Office Depot will collect and recycle computer-related and electronic entertainment goods, including desktops, TVs, and cell phones. All products collected from Office Depot stores will be recycled at HP facilities in Roseville, Calif., and near Nashville, Tenn.

Dell, which began a similar recycling initiative in August 2002, offers free shipping for its customers that want to recycle their old computers. HP and Dell each recycled more than 100 million pounds of unwanted computer products globally in 2003.

It’s for a limited time only, but if you want to be environmentally conscious when disposing of electronics that are no longer of any use then this is one way to do it without spending money. Kudos to the folks at Office Depot and HP for making the offer available.

4 thoughts on “Office Depot and HP team up to offer free electronics recycling.

  1. Our local Best Buy (I presume the whole chain does it) has postage paid envelopes and drop bins at the store entrance for inkjet/toner cartriges, and old cellphones.  I think they take something else (can’t remember if they take any batts), but am not sure since we recycle our batts through the city and we donated our old cell to a shelter. 

    Have to find out if they take circuit boards.  Didn’t really want to chunk my broke mobo in the trash.

  2. I checked out Office De Pot for recycling the rather large quantity of computo-junk that I have.  They allow one (1) qualifying item per day.  A nice thing to do, certainly, but I have a vanload so had to keep searching.

    Found the local Ecology Action Center & Aged Hippie Emporium has a once-monthly electronics recycling event at the city equipment yard.  The stuff is sorted by people in a work training program, and what they can’t fix goes into a hopper for proper recycling by some metals reclamation company. 

    I assume this company simply reclaims the gold out of old 486 and early Pentium chips, then dissolves everything else in hydroflouric acid and pumps it into the ground.  Then they probably tell the hippies they made it all into “Peace-jewelry” and sold it to benefit the poor.

    Their next event isn’t for three more weeks, so I can really clear up a lot of space.  It’ll be like putting an addition on my house without spending a dime!

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