MythBusters second season starts this fall.

There’s a brief blurb over at about one of my favorite TV shows: Mythbusters. Seems the series did well enough to be picked up for a second season and they’ve expanded their crew with another 10 people allowing them to take on even bigger urban legends. The new season will be previewed during the summer months and then start officially come fall. If you’ve not checked out the show yet then I highly recommend it. The premise is simple, they pick a few urban legends for each show and then attempt to bust them by recreating the events described. If they’re not able to pull it off they consider the myth busted, but before moving on to the next one they take the time to figure out what it would take to make the myth true. This is particularly entertaining when it comes to something blowing up as that’s one of their favorite things to do and they will go to great lengths to pull it off. It’s an especially useful show for sitting your overly credulous friends down in front of such as the ones that are always forwarding those stupid emails to you.

3 thoughts on “MythBusters second season starts this fall.

  1. Yay! Mythbusters is awesome; glad to hear they’ve been picked up for a second season.

    As a bonus, it means a few more SFX peeps’ll be working, without having to move to Canada for the gig.  heh.


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