Momma needs some cheering up.

My mother has been having a rough time with things as of late. Do me a favor and go say nice things to her and give her a reason to smile again. She has one of the most wonderful smiles you could ever hope to see. Here, I’ll prove it:

See? How could you not want to make her smile like that? You won’t have to visit e-gold or spend any money to do it. Oh, and the God will reward you for your mercy though all the people in the earth can only say thank you.


7 thoughts on “Momma needs some cheering up.

  1. Damn, I read this before the Red Cross post: that last paragraph freaked me out, Les.  Warn a guy, sheesh. smile

  2. Thanks gang. I figured you folks would be able to come up with a few things to help her out of her funk. I mean, reading your comments often gives me good reason to smile.

    OK, I’m done being sappy now.

  3. You know, I just finished reading Momma’s response to everyone in her blog and somehow everything just seems a little more ‘right’ in the world.  Buncha kindhearted bastards around here. *sniff*

  4. And us lacking MORALS an’ everything.  You know, being god-free and all.  Wow.


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