Microsoft finds Internet Explorer is unpopular at “BlogOn2004.”

There’s an amusing entry over at DivaBlog where Danese Cooper relates a story about a wakeup call for Microsoft when they asked an audience how many of them used Internet Explorer.

Anyway, the presenter was doing his pitch in a polished way and at one point he said he wanted to show us a “really cool” feature and he looked up into the audience and said “Show of hands…How many of you use Internet Explorer?”. Probably 99 times out of 100 when he asks that question all the hands go up, right? Well first there was a pause and then a giggle and then a whoop of laughter as the audience looked around and realized that NO ONE had raised a hand. The presenter was thrown off his mark, but he recovered and said, “Wow! Okay how many of you wish we’d fix IE so you could use it?”

Still no hands….

Ouch, that had to be awkward. Danese goes on to say that an informal poll showed that even the Windows users present had switched to Firefox and are quite happy with it.

12 thoughts on “Microsoft finds Internet Explorer is unpopular at “BlogOn2004.”

  1. Myself I have been using firefox over IE for a couple of months. I couldn’t be happier even more so now I have a spell check for firefox. The biggest plus is no more spyware on my computer. Thank you! freakin IE.

  2. What’s not to like?  Tabbed browsing and mousegestures alone make it superior to IE.  I love being able to reload, or move up one directory, with nothing more than a twitch of my wrist.

    Web surfing isn’t—supposed—to put you at risk for tennis elbow. 

    Actually, Les, it’s your blog that first pointed me at Firefox.  So thanks!

  3. It was a funny moment, but I suspect that the people in those comments are correct – while I personally couldn’t see any hands, I was sitting in a location that supplied power, so perhaps half the auditorium wasn’t directly visible.  15% wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  4. I have downloaded Firefox after Les recomendation but with a small flood in the basement the next week i haven’t been online from home to fine tune it or add any plug-ins.  Any tips or advice before I get started?

  5. You know, I might have raised my hand on the second question, but with all the problems with spyware and such mentioned in the comments here (I forgot about that little problem), your right, there is no way in that warm place below us I would ever switch to IE again.

    Firefox can only improve and improve. This is true with IE too, but one has to ad fix and fix and patch and fix and patch…

  6. Lordklegg, here are a couple of things to do.

    There may be some Plug-ins that you want to install. From the Tools menu go to Tools > Options then click the Downloads and Plug-ins… buttons. Then you can see what you have installed. You can then find the plug-ins page through the help menu to load the additional plug-ins you want to add. I believe I loaded Flash and maybe another.

    While you are considering extensions, decide whether or not you want to do tabbed browsing. If you do don’t mess with anything less than Tabbrowser Extensions. You have to go here to get it. 

    After it loads, you will have a Tab menu on the menu bar. Go there to set preferences.

    If you run into problems, you can post questions in the appropriate forum.

    The Mozilla site also has maintains a bug list for Firefox

  7. VernR, it sounds like you’re using an old version of Firefox. These days, to get at the Extensions manager, just hit Tools > Extensions.

    Tabbrowser extensions is nice, but way overkill for my liking. Firefox on its own does a pretty OK job of tabbed browsing, really.

  8. Have you guys tried this extension yet?

    It shows an image of each website when you use google. Pretty nifty.

  9. You’re welcome VernR. Looks like it only shows an image if the site reaches a certain level of graphic content.

    I’ll never go back to IE!

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