Latest MyDoom still causing headaches here at work.

I’ve been at my desk for almost two hours now here at The Automotive Company™ and I still haven’t been able to open up Outlook as of yet. The company’s support website says that my email server is running in a “degraded” status due to the virus activity. Talk about your understatements. The amusing thing is that this virus barely affected me at home with a grand total of perhaps 5 emails arriving that had the infection, all of which were nabbed easily by my virus scanner. The ponderous rate at which this company puts out patches and DAT file updates is simply stunning at times.

Meanwhile I’m left with little to do seeing as the majority of my job since being drafted into a “planner role” involves the reading and sending of emails to other people. I have a few meetings to attend this afternoon, which is the other half of my function these days, but the lack of email access is going to be a pain until they get this cleaned up. It’s also amusing how quickly folks in my building who know I was a PC Technician before will come running to beg on bended knee that I pretend that I was never ganked into my new role so that I can help them remove the virus the infected their PC with in a moment of insanity. If nothing else, it’s nice to be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Latest MyDoom still causing headaches here at work.

  1. My job too involves mainly email replies. Fortunately, I work from home and use Thunderbird. McAfee caught every one of the new MyDoom variants today, and even if it didn’t, I don’t think that it would have affected Thunderbird at all.

    Totally off-topic, but looking at your CafePress store today inspired me to create my own store full of useless crapola. I used you as my referral – that means you get, like, a million CafeBucks, right? wink

  2. My wife told me that her firm had a virus(not sure which) on their network last week.  The IT chick had to go to each system and remove it – an all day affair.  Wife said the IT chick had no idea how it got in past the firewall and AV, since it was one the AV knew, and the AV would stop it from emailing itself when it tried.  Don’t know if she just had to run AV on each machine, or manually remove files.  My wife said it made her glad she didn’t have to be the IT person anymore. 

    Of course, when you’re dealing with people who NEVER clean their inboxes(thousands of emails over the years), they could have opened an older message that was infected.

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