idiot blog - exploring the wastelands of Detroit.

For some reason I’ve always been fascinated with abandoned places and old buildings. There’s a number of different urban spelunking websites out there covering everything from discarded subway lines to condemned buildings for just about every major city, but I hadn’t found one for Detroit. That is, until I checked my referer logs and saw a link from the folks at idiot blog. The site’s owner gives the following summary:

    Photolog of an idiots journey through the ghettos of Detroit. Abandoned buildings, Urban Exploration, Infiltration. This site examines Detroit history and architecture, as well as documenting modern developments. See the post industrial Detroit landscape through the eyes of a complete idiot.

Sounds like my kinda guy and he’s got some great pics like the one of the old Atwater Warehouse to the right here. In fact he manages to detail both the best and the worst of Detroit in some stunningly simple photos that show an observant eye I could only wish I had.

Go check it out.

7 thoughts on “idiot blog - exploring the wastelands of Detroit.

  1. Unfortunately The Idiot has gone offline.  I had really gotten to enjoy his photos and commentary.  I also go to the other blogs but miss the Idiot.

    Just before he went offline he did some stunningly beautiful pictures in rural Michigan.

    A local artist I knew died a few years ago exploring an old building but I still think old buildings are interesting enough to be worth exploring.  Of course you try to be as careful as possible.

  2. Blogs are a constant annoyance to me and all of my friends. You are wasting bandwidth and should be very dissapointed in yourself for using a “blog” Format instead of learning HTML or XML or an actual programing language to create an actual site you worthless “BLOGGER”

  3. Hey Maddox, I find websites telling me how to fix a ‘69 Chevy completely pointless, as I don’t own one.  Do you knoe what I do (and this is really clever, so pay attention)? I don’t go to them.

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