I can now die a happy man.

I may never be a real actor, but my name does appear on the IMDb listing for Kite, the anime I had a small voice part in. Which is enough to get me my own actor’s page! Woot! My brother-in-law is going to be so jealous, seeing as he’s a real struggling actor and all.

Time to dig out my “almost famous” button again. This made my day.

16 thoughts on “I can now die a happy man.

  1. Yeah, I’ve already registered with IMDb just so I can upload my photo. I think this is just the most hilarious thing. I can’t wait to rib my brother-in-law about it. grin

    Spocko, I have to re-do the video clip from that entry someday as it currently cuts off before my final “death grunt.”

  2. Oh man, looks like the photo will have to wait as IMDb charges a one time fee of $35 to have a photo listed and I don’t have the cash to spare right now, but I’ll get it up there someday. Just means I’ll have to be extra picky about what photo I use.

  3. LOL. Les – being the voice of the ‘molester’. Now how is THAT going to help your image?

    You really should get yourself an agent wink

  4. Yeah, I can remember when Scott approached me at the convention about the “perfect” role he had for me seeing as I had a cold at the time.

    I remember thinking “Great! My first role and it’s something I’m not sure I’d want my mother to see.” Though she actually thought it was pretty cool.

    Agent? If I thought I had any chance of landing any other parts I’d grab one in a heartbeat, but living in Michigan my opportunities are going to be limited to local commercials and community theater and I’m not much for community theater. Though I did win the title role in a production of You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown that my mother was involved with back in Lake Orion. I had to back out due to a new job, though, and it ended up falling apart later anyway.

    Not that I can say they had made a great casting choice. I mean, they picked my brother Wes to play Snoopy, which is just friggin’ hilarious if you know him.

  5. Don’t forget to send him love letters, Minx. Sure, he gets enough of those from the Jesus people, but after all, YOU have this SPECIAL bond with him! grin

  6. Congrats.  We should all go out and buy Kite.  Les, do you still have an amazon associates link think to buy it through?

  7. Fair Warning: Kite is most definitely not for the faint of heart, let alone for kids. The F-Bomb is tossed around as though it were a complimentary breath mint and it’s generally a bloody and violent story with very mature themes in it. In fact, I think I’m the only person in the dub who doesn’t swear.

    Well, not entirely true, I do have a “Jesus Christ!” that I scream out during the explosion, but it’s barely audible in the final cut which is amusing in that I was literally shouting into the mic at the time.

    Anyway, if you do want to pick up the DVD I provided a link to it above with my amazon associate ID in it. Thanks for considering it.

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