Go sponsor Natalie.

Need a good deed to do for the day? Go over to Natalie’s blog and sign up to sponsor her in the upcoming Project Blog she’s participating in.

Project Blog is similar to the better-known Blogathon I participated in last year. A whole bunch of bloggers agree to sit up for 24 hours straight and post a new entry every 30 minutes or so in return for your pledge to donate to the charity they’ve decided to support. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, but I had a good time doing it last year. The folks behind the Blogathon aren’t doing it this year so another group stepped up and launched Project Blog to fill the gap. You might not think this would amount to much, but last year’s Blogathon had 401 participants with 3142 sponsors and raised $102,534.46 for the various charities folks had signed on to support. Had I known about it sooner I probably would’ve signed on to participate myself even if the amount I raised last year was a mere $193.25. That’s still $193.25 that the folks at the Association for International Cancer Research might not have gotten otherwise and every little bit helps.

Seeing as I’m not doing it this year I want you guys who might have sponsored me to pretend like I’m your favorite political candidate who lost the primary and is now urging his supporters to go help the guy who did win. Natalie is blogging for the very same charity she works for—Kids Against Hunger— so she has a pretty good idea of how those funds are being used and if she says it’s a worthwhile cause then I’m willing to buy into it. I think I’ve been reading her blog for almost as long as I’ve been blogging and it rarely allows me to get away without a good belly laugh so tossing some support her way is the least I can do. She’s a good read and she’s supporting a very good cause with hopes of raising $100,000 by September 1st. Wouldn’t it just be “the shit” to help her reach it? Go, now, make a pledge and then you can turn your Girl Scout Pin right side up.

Oh, and read through some of her entries while you’re there if you could use a few laughs to make your day.

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