Freedom or Evil?

Our President often seems confused about various issues and topics with regards to whether they are good or bad which is why he has all those advisors, but why should they alone have access to the President’s ears? Now you can help the President out by voicing our opinion on the important issues at Freedom or Evil – Because President Bush Can’t Figure
It All Out Alone!
. Go and voice your opinions on all manner of weighty issues with just a click of your mouse!

4 thoughts on “Freedom or Evil?

  1. Bush’s ideas of what constitute good and bad are based on “The Holy Scriptures”…and of course what Cheney, His Daddy, and the big corporations and oil barons tell him is good and bad >(

  2. Oh yeah, talk about “The Manchurian Candidate”… This guy is the biggest tool (puppet, natch) I have ever witnessed in the Oval Office.

  3. Oh it’s just a harmless little bunny isn’t it?

    captcha: blood

    It’s so fitting, especially after 3 jumbo shots of 100% agave. 

    It didn’t surprise me that the clowns were considered SO evil!  (Can’t sleep – clowns will eat me)

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