Details on GTA: San Andreas soundtrack released.

The guys over at Games have word on what we can expect in the way of a soundtrack when GTA: San Andreas hits store shelves this fall. After the fantastic lineup in GTA: Vice City expectations are high.

Rockstar look set to produce the best game soundtrack ever. Again. Vice City’s 80s tunes raised the bar for music licensing in games and the soundtrack to San Andreas looks even better. We assume that the tracks will be organised into radio stations as in the other GTAs, so the listing below should turn out to be just a cross-section of the music on offer.

Salt’n’Pepa – Push it
Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby
Inner Circle – Bad Boys
KLF – 3am Eternal
Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy
Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealing
Poison – Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
Guns’n’Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine
Smashing Pumpkins – Today
NWA – **** Tha Police / 100 Miles And Runnnin’
Snoop Doggy Dogg – Gin N’Juice / Ain’t No Fun
Warren G – Regulate
Fugees – Killing Me Softly
Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise
Public Enemy – Rebel Without A Pause
The Stone Roses – Fools Gold
Happy Mondays – Step On
The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony
Radiohead – Creep

GTA: San Andreas will be out on 22 November

Hey, I actually recognize a few of those songs. The idea of running around causing mayhem while “Bad Boys” is playing on the radio has a particular appeal to it.

15 thoughts on “Details on GTA: San Andreas soundtrack released.

  1. Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

    Oh man! This tune will sure bring out the gangsta deep inside!  wink

    Looks to be shaping up very nicely.

    Captch: “means”

  2. I’ve heard of almost all of those cool smile . Should be a really good game when it comes out, if only for the soundtrack wink

  3. Some more info…

    – The Draw Distance in the countryside is 4 times better than that in Vice City.
    – The Mountain, Mt. Chiliad, Is the biggest single object in the game.
    – You will start to see clouds when you reach a certain altitude on Mt. Chiliad.
    – There are tunnels and lots of foliage on the mountain.
    – Two of the country side cities are Dillamore and Angel Pine.
    – There is a Liquor Store and Trailer Park in Angel Pine.
    – It is possible to attach and detach the trailer on the back of large trucks.
    – Dillamore contains a Gas Station.
    – A mission involves robbing the Gas Station in Dillamore, however it results in CJ and his accomplice stealing the large Gas Truck outside.
    – The foliage in the countryside is only drawn when the player can see it which keeps the game feeling vibrant and alive, but also maintains a steady framerate.
    – The M-16 Assault Rifle will make a come back.
    – The longer the player holds down the R1 button, the more chance there is of getting a headshot on an enemy.
    – Unlike previous GTA Games, the players stats actually change the way ‘their Carl’ will behave. If a player drives around on a bike a lot, they will be a good bike driver in the game, but won’t be as good at driving a car.
    – New vehicles include a 4×4 Jeep, Quad Bikes, A Monster Truck, A Combine Harvester, A Dirt Bike and A Gas Tanker along with what appears to be a Sabre, A Rancher, A Walton, A Greenwood, An Esperanto, A Sentinel, A Bobcat, A Virgo and a Manana from Vice City.
    – The Monster Truck does not have a hand brake, but rather the ability to switch to 4×4 steering mode, which gives the vehicle an extremely small turning circle which is great for navigating through the trees in the country side.
    – The Monster Truck also has the ability to drive through shallow rivers thanks to it’s raised body.
    – Players will have to be very careful when driving the Gas Tanker as it will Jack-Knife very easily.

  4. Four of those bands are on my “Top 25 songs” list I did on my blog a few posts ago, one of them is actually the same song. Fools Gold.

  5. This game is going to OWN!

    Captcha: “Bring”… like… bring it on… I guess…

  6. damn dude..i jsu went to look at those screeenshots and there is a guy on a bmx..this is game is gonna rule over all others and will piss down upon all the other lesser games

  7. I would like some Gothic bands in that mix (on VC we had a Goth on the talk show parody, but no bands 🙁 (sobs)  Oh well, I guess Siouxsie and the Banshees is too 80s for San Andreas, even their 90’s work.

  8. One of the cool things about the PC version of these games is that you can dump mp3s (or shortcuts) in a folder that becomes a radio station in the game.
    Tres’ Cool!

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