Designs on the White House T-shirt contest winners have been announced.

I mentioned awhile back that the folks at Designs on the White House were holding a t-shirt contest to help raise funds for Kerry’s election bid as well as to raise awareness and help get out the vote. The contest has come to an end and they’ve annouced the winning designs that are now available for you to purchase.

My favorites include Gretchen Blase Kreidler’s minimal design which reads “democracy is not a faith-based initiative” on the front and “get informed. get involved. vote” on the back. I also liked Aaron Eiseman’s shirt for “Cousin Jeb Bush’s Bait-N-Switch” store. Go check ‘em out.

Reminded via ***Dave, who promises not to cringe too much if you wear one by his house. Though I’m not sure which shirts he finds cringe inducing. Couple of them are realtively nice.

3 thoughts on “Designs on the White House T-shirt contest winners have been announced.

  1. I find them all at least clever, and most of them quite attractive.  The underlying message on some of them is trite and hyperbolic (“W … is for War”), but I’d expect that from any campaign shirt (I cringe at some of the pro-Bush shirts out there, too—indeed, I find most campaign shirts cringeworthy in their boiling down of a complicated set of issues into one tagline, usually overblown).

    Anyone with a “At least Saddam won an election” or “Frag Kerry” t-shirt, though, need not bother visiting.

  2. I like the “democracy is not a faith-based initiative” too, as well as the “vote your hopes, not your fears”.

    The anti-Bush winner makes me laugh. I think I voted for that shirt, in fact…

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