Congrats to Jay Allen on winning the MT Plugin contest!

Looks like Jay Allen of MT-Blacklist fame managed to take the grand prize with his entry of the new and improved MT-Blacklist for MT 3.0. When asked by a reporter for a comment, Jay had the following to say:

I did it… Oh man, I did it. More later on this very entry. Right now, I’m shaking and I need a beer…

Congrats to Jay for winning the contest, though I wouldn’t have bet against him in the first place. MT-Blacklist prior to its major rewrite was already indispensable for anyone running MT and word has it the upgrade is definitely an impressive bit of work.

Also congrats to Chad Everett for taking third place with MT Notifier along with David Raynes for MT Multiblog. I’ve used plugins from all three of these authors and I can say that they make MT that much more usable. If you’re running MT you’d do well to check their work out.

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