Coming soon to Thunderbird: RSS integration!

The Thunderbird email client just keeps getting better and better. In the upcoming 0.8 release they’re adding in a cool new goodie in the form of an RSS reader so you can use Thunderbird as feed reader for your favorite blogs. They’ve just enabled it in yesterday’s nightly build release and the guys over at Redemption In A Blog have an entry up that talks about it. It’s not fully working yet, but if you want to play with it early you can go grab a nightly build for yourself and try it out.

7 thoughts on “Coming soon to Thunderbird: RSS integration!

  1. Another software based RSS client.

    So tell me folks, what is the advantage to using the RSS client in Thunderbird or any other software based client? Really, I want to know…

    I’ve been using Bloglines for nearly a year now and it’s so much easier to keep up with RSS’s than any other client out there.

  2. And I’ll put in my 2 cents for Jaeger, which not only does RSS feeds, but will also detect other type of page changes, letitng you basically track every single changing web page on the Net, even if they haven’t put in RSS or Atom or anything like that.

    To each, of course, their own.


  3. Nitpicky, but I’m actually just 1 guy :p

    Anyway, to be honest there are going to be some people who don’t want an RSS reader in their email client (like me). I too prefer to use Bloglines so I can read my feeds anywhere.

  4. This is also a feature in the next version of the Safari browser. I guess time will tell if it’s a good feature or just another bell.

  5. I like following my feeds from the web, so I’ve been using MagpieRSS (php classes) to set up my own RSS feed page. It works for me.  Though I’ll be interested to see the Thunderbird implementation.

  6. It’s funny you should mention MagpieRSS seeing as there’s a new plugin for ExpressionEngine which makes use of that to allow for RSS feeds in EE blogs. Paul hasn’t released it just yet, but it’ll probably be out later today. I was debating making use of it myself.

  7. MagpieRSS is worth a try.  The caching feature is nice, especially if you are going to include the feeds in your main EE template.  It’s very easy to use, and has decent docs to boot.  It’s fast, as well.  I have 16 RSS feeds in a 4×4 table on my site, and even when refreshing all of the cached data, it doesn’t take more than a second or two.

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