Coming soon: Stupid Evil Bastard Reviews.

Progress on the reviews sub-blog is coming along slowly but surely. It’s what I spent most of my weekend on when I wasn’t playing Medal of Honor. Here’s a sneak peak:

SEB Reviews Image

10 thoughts on “Coming soon: Stupid Evil Bastard Reviews.

  1. Woo hoo!  Looking good and evil there, Les!

    (The baleful glare makes the site, I think.)


  2. Ironically, that pic was taken just a day before the one in the upper left corner and was, in fact, the original image I used in this design that was deemed too psychotic by my wife. It’s surprising how much of a difference you can make by cutting it in half and removing the shoulders from the image.

  3. I guess I’m a little too late for the “who’s the guy with the hair” comment.

    What all will you be reviewing? Aside from books and games I mean.

  4. Nope, no contacts. Just the miracles of modern day image editing software.

    In addition to books and games I’ll be doing reviews of movies and music on occasion.

  5. Whoa there…… that pic makes you look like some 19th century Mormon Patriarch, an evil Mormon Patriarch albeit but a Mormon Patriarch all the same.

    (It’s that or a member of the Manson family.)


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