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The folks at Wired have an article up on one of the cooler aspects of Mozilla/Firefox: the ability to extend it via the appropriately named Extensions option. If you’re considering making the switch from IE, or already have, and want to learn a little more about how you can add features to Mozilla then you might want to check the article out. This is particularly true if you opted to go with Firefox as it’s very much a barebones browser.

For those folks who use Firefox already, what are some of your favorite extensions? The only one I use regularly myself is the spell checker which hasn’t been developed in awhile and is currently a major pain to get working with the current release of Firefox.

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  1. I’m currently using TabWarning (because I’m an idiot), Tabbrowser Extensions (which is really useful for getting Firefox to act like other tabbed browsers I’m used to), TabX, Copy Plain Text (mentioned in the Wired article), and DictionarySearch (ditto).

  2. Lol!  I just installed Mozilla yesterday and immediately discovered the extensions while searching for a way to implement my favorite browsing features from Slimbrowser.  I stumbled upon this site:
    Which had a link to a tag extension which rocks.  I am now in love with Mozilla.

  3. I’m currently using:
    Web Developer Toolbar (lots of handy tools for diagnosing problems with web pages)
    Tabbrowser Extensions, because I like being able to re-order tabs and to re-open a closed tab
    Firesomething, for a bit of variety grin
    Gmail notifier, so that I can keep tabs on my Gmail account
    BBCode, makes entering BBCodes in forums that support it a bit easier
    GMailCompose, lets you select an email address and open it in Gmail.

  4. Tabbrowser Extensions.  Unless firefox has done away with its Google search bar with 0.9 (I’m still on 0.7) then that’s all I need.

    captcha = light.  How appropriate.

  5. I just began using FireFox last week and it’s been great.

    StumbleUpon is a blast for a little downtime.
    SpoofStic works great for redirected URL’s
    Tabbed Brower Extensions
    Double-click on
    BugMeNot is wonderful if you visit a lot of news sites.
    Nuke Image/Nuke Anything makes almost any site SFW.

    I’m curious as to what Diggler does and haven’t played wth it yet.

  6. Overall, I use:
    AdBlock – Ad blocker. Works with wildcards!
    Flash Click to View (called FlashBlock now I think) – Makes it so Flash doesn’t just play. You have to click first.
    Nuke Anything – Right click and remove anything. Useful for nuking images that are too large and screw up layout
    JS Console Status – Adds a little red icon when there’s a javascript error on a page

  7. I wan’t to thank everyone for their posts here. Since I had been relying on the list of extensions that you get through Tools > Extensions in Firefox 0.9, I probabably would not have found Tabbrowser Extensions on my own. Although the interface is a little different than that in NetCaptor, this extension gives me pretty much the functionality that I have been looking for.

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