Are intelligent design and creation science laughable?

Unlike Les, I seldom found much humor the the few times that I visited Creation Science web sites. However, I recently found this one, which really is good for some laughs. The pages on the Creation Science Fair, and on applying Game Theory to Christian Apologetics and are a couple of gems.

Tongue out of cheek. The July/August issue of the Skeptical Inquirer contains Matt Young’s review of the new book, Unintelligent Design, by Mark Perakh. The book provides a critical analysis of the works of of Dembreski (The Design Inference, Intelligent Design, and No Free Lunch), Johnson (Darwin on Trial and The Wedge of Truth), and Behe (Darwin’s BlackBox) as well as a number of less well known creationists. It also discusses the practice of science. Although the review is favorable, Young indicates some problems with the organization of the book, its occasional tendency toward repetition, and a couple of areas where he believes that Perakh is off the mark technicaly.

Even though much of the information in the book is available at Perakh’s web site. I ordered the book. It may just be an age thing, but, if there is a lot of reading involved, I much prefer a book or hard copy to the computer screen.

Young also mentions a couple of other books that debunk ID propositions—Ceationism’s Trojan Horse by Barbara Forrest and Paul Gross, God, the Devil and Darwin by Niall Shanks and an anthology Why Intelligent Design Fails: A Scientific Critique of the New Creationism coedited by Young and Tanner Edis. As far as I can tell none of these have been cited in posts.

27 thoughts on “Are intelligent design and creation science laughable?

  1. Oh man, VernR, that was some funny stuff, that Christian site you linked to.

    I love how angry they are about Landover Baptist.  Looks like the folks over at LB are doing their job!

    Of course, my favorite part was the claim that the United States, a Christian nation, invented the Internet.  I’d hate to be the one to break it to Al Gore.

    Also nice to see that the absolutely brilliant Douglas Adams is referred to as an “anti-Christian blackguard”—I’m sure he’d be pleased.

    Captcha: “nothing.”  Which I’m sure is exactly what Objective: Christian Ministries is going to accomplish.

  2. OBJECTIVE: Christian Ministries is a satirical site run by the same folks that run Landover Baptist and Betty Bowers.

    I know, it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. smile

    Check out the “Kidz” pages and the “What should you do if you find an Atheist?” part:

    If you find an Atheist in your neighborhood,

    You may be moved to try and witness to
    these poor lost souls yourself, however

    Atheists are often very grumpy and bitter and will lash out at children or they may even try to trick you into neglecting God’s Word.

    Very advanced witnessing techniques are needed for these grouches. Let the adults handle them.

  3. That’s so cool.  They have a satirical site that “attacks” their other satirical site?

    That’s so, well, postmodern!

  4. Congratulations Brent, I was wondering how long it would take for someone to catch me out. My track record in recognizing satire isn’t all that good, and I’m not sure I would have recognized this one one my own. I found the URL in a Skeptical Inquirer article on pranks, frauds and hoaxes.

  5. Not sure why, but while the logician/techie in me thinks this is pretty cool, another part of me finds it a tad shameful. *sigh*

  6. One giveaway of a really good satire site, sadly enough, is that it is usually a lot more LITERATE than the serious sites.  This is a lovely one—thanks for bringing us to the light, VernR!

  7. Please, please, please tell me that the “Fellowship Baptist Creation Science Fair 2001” is a joke website and not for real! Please!

    Honorable Mention:
    “Rocks Can’t Evolve, Where Did They Come From Mr. Darwin?” – Anna Reed (grade 6)

    Please say it’s a joke!

  8. OBJECTIVE: Christian Ministries is a satirical site run by the same folks that run Landover Baptist and Betty Bowers.

    You could have fooled me.

  9. It did fool me.  First time I ran across Objective: Christian Ministries a couple months ago I didn’t realize it was satire.  Doh!

    Only defense I can muster is that you could read almost any page off that site in some of the churches I attended in Tennessee and North Carolina, and the only response would be Amen!  Preach, brother!

  10. This site is a hoot but the “science fair” is not as funny as it may seem. About 10 years ago I got asked by my boss if I would help to judge at a school science fair at what turned out to be a local christian school. We’re in the science business so we get asked to do that sort of thing all of the time.

    It was REALLY scary.

    One project on the greenhouse effect, not only was badly done and did not prove the falsity of greenhouse gasses but in the report where the student was discussing the theorized bad effects of CO2, the teacher, THAT’S RIGHT THE TEACHER, wrote in the margin “Don’t worry, God would never let this happen!”

    That was the tone of the whole science fair. I saw more than one statement in answer to the “why” question in some form of “because god made it that way”.

    It makes me shiver even now just thinking about the experinece.

  11. Ah nuts! Those links just bump me to a page advertising
    Are there any mirror sites, please?

  12. “Those links just bump me to a page advertising”

    Yeah, me too.

  13. Tish and Steve, when you get unexpected results from a link, your browser could be infected with some kind of hijack.  An easy way to tell is to try the links on someone else’s computer.  Good luck!

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  15. Well from the bighting satire of the last post I definetly get the impression that Fundies don’t believe the Supreme being has a sense of humor!!
    But anyone who has ever seen middle aged men in a golf locker room knows that God does indeed have a sense of humor.
    Happy New Year to Les and the great ironist of seb.

  16. web1000 is a free hosting website that is only open to north americans…. it doesnt have ads, so it pays for costs by 404 redirects for people not in north america.

    Genesis 2:18-20
    god parades animals around to see which adam wants as his wife. lol and SICK!

  17. Here’s an updated link for the Creation Science Fair, which also works outside of N.A.  One of the most delicious satires I’ve seen.  Here’s another prize winner from the Fair:

    1st Place: “Life Doesn’t Come From Non-Life”

    Patricia Lewis (grade 8) did an experiment to see if life can evolve from non-life. Patricia placed all the non-living ingredients of life – carbon (a charcoal briquet), purified water, and assorted minerals (a multi-vitamin) – into a sealed glass jar. The jar was left undisturbed, being exposed only to sunlight, for three weeks. (Patricia also prayed to God not to do anything miraculous during the course of the experiment, so as not to disqualify the findings.) No life evolved. This shows that life cannot come from non-life through natural processes.

  18. In the better late than never category, I love the Alerts and Bulletins on the objective ministries page: The most recent “Anti-Christian” Alert is dated November, 2004, and there’s a “Cult Alert” for March, 2003.

  19. I’ve known about ObjectiveMinistries for a while, but it’s just recently come to my attention that it’s a parody (and doesn’t that scream volumes about the wrong wing). Still, for sheer entertainment value, you can’t beat Landover Baptist (that’s my opinion,anyway). When satirizing religious psychos, sometimes it’s best that subtlety be thrown to the wind! cool grin

  20. Sadie, some believe that the Landover Baptists and the Objective Ministries are not competing spoofs, but done by the same people.  Pretty funny in either case.  Check out LB’s drive  to shut down OM.

  21. For sheer parody value you can’t beat this local radio station I often listen to in the car.  They have “Christian” music and various “preachers” and some guy named James Dobson who could be straight out of the Religious Wrong, but he’s just too far out there to be real.

    Oh, wait…

  22. Sadie, some believe that the Landover Baptists and the Objective Ministries are not competing spoofs, but done by the same people.

    That’s probably the case. One time I googled “Landover Baptist” and, underneath the link to the site, I found another site with a link reading “Operation Shut Down Landover Baptist!” I chalked that up to some fervent Christian anti-First Amendmentism, not realizing that this was in reality none other than Objective Ministries. If they are run by the same people, then the anti-Landover Baptist stuff on the site is a stroke of comedic genius. LOL

  23. Yo guys, why so much hostility to the christians? Don’t the turban-donning, AK-47 wielding, jihad fanatics deserve more of your attention.

    I mean, look what they did to our twin towers? No Baptist ever did that. Except maybe for pollute our airwaves

  24. Yo guys, why so much hostility to the christians? Don’t the turban-donning, AK-47 wielding, jihad fanatics deserve more of your attention.

    AntiCrank, if you check out the archives here, for instance in this thread, you’ll find that the jihad fanatics get their share of attention too.  Speaking for myself, I probably tend to lambaste the fundie Christians more, because they have less excuse (in my eyes) for being ignorant: they live in societies with more or less free access to information, secular schools, and freedom of religion.  Not only that, but there’s very little I can do here to reach Muslims, but fundamentalist Christians show up regularly at SEB, so their beliefs are fair game.

  25. What Zilch said and, the events of 9/11 aside, the actions of Fundamentalist Christians more often and more directly impact my life than the actions of most Muslims. Thus they get the larger brunt of my attention.

    There’s plenty of Christians out there I don’t have a problem with and many that I actively endorse (such as ***Dave) as good examples of what a Christian should be like given my take on the religion. That said, there’s still plenty of not-so-good Christians to rant about.

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