Advertiser interest in blogs on the rise, bloggers starting to make good money.

Seems this blogging thing can be rather profitable after all. At least for the A-list bloggers out there.

Chicago Tribune | It’s officially a living: Bloggers find ad boom can pay their rent

Advertisers have started to realize that some of their most well-heeled customers spend a decent chunk of their Web time reading such blogs as the politically obsessed Eschaton (, the Washington, D.C., gossip site and the cell-phone fanatic blog

Blogads offers ad rates tied to its clients’ Internet traffic—the more visitors, the higher the rate for an ad on that site. Given that some sites have been running as many as 15 ads at a time, a little back-of-an-envelope math shows that several of Blogads’ top clients are likely clearing as much as $3,000-$5,000 a month.

I’ve discussed the idea of advertising on SEB before in an entry about Garfield (oddly enough) and my feelings about it haven’t changed a whole lot. On the one hand I could use the extra money and I think it would be cool to earn it doing something I already enjoy doing, but on the other I don’t want to diminish SEB as a personal project or drive away readers by totally selling out like the folks at did. So, as I’ve said before, I’ve stuck to minor things like my Stupid Evil Stuff Cafe Press shop and my affiliates links on the books and such I review, neither of which is putting me in any danger of having to file in a higher tax bracket anytime soon. Which is just fine as both things were done mainly because I could do them and they wouldn’t impact SEB all that much. If I got a little revenue from it then great! If I didn’t, well, that’s OK too. I really can’t complain too much because I never set this up to make money off of in the first place and more than a few of you have been more than generous in occasionally tossing me something off of my Amazon Wishlist. DeadScot was the latest to surprise me for no apparent reason with the delivery of the latest Hitman game for my PC, which explains why my weekends have been light on entries to SEB lately.

After reading articles like the one above, though, it’s hard not to dream a little of what might be possible. If my inbox is any indication there are at least a few advertisers out there who have an interest in putting ads on SEB as I get requests for information regularly. More than one person has told me they felt I had managed to develop a persona that may be marketable in some respects and I have to confess that there have been a couple of things that have happened to me lately that made me feel a bit like a celebrity in some ways. Which is just weird, though not without precedence. It’s forced me to dig out my little button pin that reads “I’m almost famous” that I used to wear on my suspenders back when I was a teenager.

No, I’m not getting a big head over this and I don’t think my traffic is high enough to generate the kind of revenues the A-list folks are earning, but the folks at Blogads estimate that the average blogger who signs up with them earns about $50 a month of which they take 20%. If nothing else that $40 a month would more than pay for a new webhost. My brother, who is a lot more marketing savvy than I am, and I have discussed the possibility of coming up with stuff that might generate a little revenue as well. I’d also like to try and write a book and see if I could get it published. I just need to work out what it would be about, whether it would be fiction, a collection of essays, short stories or a novel, etcetera. You know, all the important bits. I’ve even kicked around the idea of going through the 2000 plus entries here and seeing if I have enough essays of any length to turn into a book titled Stupid Evil Bastard: Ramblings of a Mad Man or something along those lines. We’ve even looked into the idea of coming up with an official SEB Plush Doll, or at least a nicer T-shirt.

So I’m definitely working on ideas and considering alternatives in this arena, but whatever I do I want it to either enhance what SEB is all about or detract from it as minimally as possible. One thing I am working on to hopefully make the Amazon affiliate program a little more useful is a new sub-blog (tentatively) called SEB Reviews where I’ll post reviews of DVDs, video games, books and so on when I write them. Each will have handy-dandy links to for anyone who wants to take advantage of them. Hopefully folks will find it useful.

Oh and if any of you people reading this are famous or up-and-coming movie directors and think I’d make a perfect unknown to play a lead or supporting character in your next movie, well, just ask. I haven’t totally given up my dream of being an actor either, though at this point my only hope is to be “discovered” and I’m probably much cheaper than Brad Pitt. 

8 thoughts on “Advertiser interest in blogs on the rise, bloggers starting to make good money.

  1. Well, just as a benchmark I’ve been running Google Adsense ads for a month now.  I’ve earned a total of $0.60 (though a great deal of amusement, too) out of the project, though the cost in my time or annoyance has been pretty low, too.

  2. I’d totally buy a SEB plush doll. Something about the notion of a plush doll depicting a slightly scary-looking bald man with a bushy beard just strikes me as innately appealing. wink

  3. The SEB cartoon strip!  I’m picturing something with a ‘Bloom County’ feel using SEB guests as characters and religious overtones.  I’m doodling a DOF thumping a Brock now.

    captcha = ‘daily’

  4. I’d also like to try and write a book and see if I could get it published.

    Why not?  In both substance and style you’re far better than this hack and he managed to self-publish a couple books through iUniverse.  At least your writing skills go beyond being primarily cut-and-pastes of other people’s emails. rolleyes

    Place me squarely in the “brand SEB and live your dream, baby!” camp.  😀

    (“charge” – worked most of the time for the cavalry!)

  5. Thanks for the link to iUniverse. I hadn’t even realized that there were services like that out there. I figured I’d worry about that once I actually had something to publish, but it never hurts to know about it ahead of time.

    I’m sure I could benefit from a good editor, but overall I’d like to think my writing is at least readable and enjoyable if not overly rules-driven. I’m really surprised at how many people keep encouraging to take a stab at a book. It’s very flattering to say the least.

  6. Personally, I’d be very interested in reading a book about your about your journey through life, you seem to have alot to teach and I respect and admire your opinions on alot of issues. It would be interesting to learn the processes in which you came to the point in life where you are now, in respect to world views, religion, etc. And be sure to include the choice arguments of those people under your one religion thread where those supposed Christians are trying to stand up for that moron Hovind 😀

  7. Les – For what it’s worth.  Count me in on the SEB book dream.  I think you would do a credible job at portraying multiple aspects of atheism and life in general.  There is quite a lot of material to draw on and maybe even some of the ‘back-and-forths’ between you and some well-intentioned evangelicals could be used.  Even people such as Eric and Kynd and the beloved David.  The best of ‘SEB’.

    It beats putting ads on SEB for a few bucks a month and we could all get signed copies of the book.

    BTW: Hitman Contracts was just a way of showing support for the great site that I use about 10% of the time I’m on the net.  Glad you enjoyed it.  I knew posting was going to slow down though. wink

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