A little downtime earlier today.

Some of you may have noticed we were offline for a few hours earlier today. Not sure what the problem was, but we’re back now. Seems it affected everyone who hosts through Blogomania. I’ve been thinking of moving to a new host soon and this may accellerate that process.

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  1. I thought you all had been ‘raptured’ and I’d been left behind.  Note to self: Do not nap in front of TV on Sunday.

  2. The rapture already happened… those of us left are saved from an eternity of boredom wink

    But seriously …
    Les, glad to see all is well. I sent an email off with some host info for the guys I use, worth a look (I get no commission.. they are just a good bunch of geeks :-D)

  3. I love Christine, but Blogomania is down frequently taking most of my blog reads with it.  I’d suggest Verve Hosting personally.  I’ve used them for years and I very very rarely have any downtime (never with any rude messages) and the customer service is OUTSTANDING.

  4. John, I took a look at your suggestion and alas I don’t think they’d meed my needs from a bandwidth standpoint. At least not at a price comparable with other hosts.

    Looks like the same is true for Verve Hosting as their biggest plan offers only 400MB of storage and 15GB of transfer for $20 a month

    Right now the folks at Dreamhost are still my best bet. They’re offering 2560MB of storage and 64GB of bandwidth for $19.95/month. I also need to be able to host multiple domain names and they offer up to 15 on that plan.

    If anyone knows of any better deals, though, I’m open to suggestions.

  5. Still really liking LiquidWeb with it’s 2GB of storage and 50GB bandwidth and unlimited just about everything else. smile

    It was one of the hosts that Les had looked at earlier.

  6. How many domains does the plan need to incorporate?  I know I’ve seen some for 6 domains, 30GB transfer and unlimited storage for $19.99/month.

  7. Dave M., the only problem I had with LiquidWeb was they wanted extra $$ monthly for any extra domain names and it put the price up considerably compared to other hosts.

    DS, I’d need at least 2 as I currently have jenkinsonline.net and stupidevilbastard.com.

  8. Yea, now that I have the domain ‘daveschalkboard.com’, I’m looking for a way of getting it to work with my current site.

    I was thinking of switching the site domain to daveschalkboard.com and getting metzener.com to be hosted mostly has a forwarder to the new domain. I need metzener.com for my e-mail since I have a few family members using the domain now.

  9. I’m looking at moving from Global Host to either IX Webhosting or Lunar Pages.  Both have excellent pricing structures and great customer feedback.  I’m not nearly as web savvy as you when it comes to development as I use my domains mainly for FTP and small business functionality but the great price and support is enticing.

  10. I was with LunarPages before LiquidSky. They were really great. Excellent service. I just didn’t like the extra $$$ per MySQL db. I was up to 5 before I left. That and the 800MB vrs 2GB was a big selling point too. I’m almost at 800MB now. smile

  11. I used to host on Blogomania, but moved because of the outages and downtime.

    I’ve changed hosts twice since then. I’m currently with onsmart.net which gives 50GB transfer, 1000MB storage space and 25 subdomains for $7.50 per month.

    I used this on the recommendation of a fellow blogger and 2 months on I haven’t had a single problem.

  12. I simply went upstream from Blogomania, to Hosting Matters, where plans and prices are essentially the same.

  13. Time to revive this topic?

    I’m considering to consolidate my three hosting accounts. While I have no issues with either hosting provider (Lunarpages, Hummingbird Hosting, GeekHosting), I don’t really need the redundancy and I feel that I can get more features for less and none of these providers offers a cost-effective upgrade path.

    On paper, Dathorn looks good (2GB, 30GB, no limits on domains, reseller capable). Does anybody have personal experience with them?

  14. Not to be a party pooper, but I looked at the DreamHost site. Les the plan you listed stats for is $39.35 a month. The $19.95 a month plan is for 1600 MB Storage and 48 GB Bandwidth. I thought those numbers sounded rather amazing lol

  15. Elwed, I’ve no experience with them myself, but I’ll do some digging.

    ReaZ, that was a special sale they had going for a couple of months. It has since ended. Which is a shame as I never got around to signing up for it.

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