Yahoo Messenger starts blocking third-party clients such as Trillian.

Looks like we’re in for another round of protocol tag between the makers of Trillian and Yahoo Messenger. The folks at Yahoo changed their protocol on Wednesday to block third party clients such as Trillian from connecting to their network citing the ever popular “protecting against spam” argument. As of yesterday the folks at Trillian had already released a patch to once again enable their client to connect to Yahoo’s network.

We’ve been through this before and I’m not sure why they even bother anymore. Both AOL and MSN played protocol tag with the folks at Trillian in the past and eventually gave up. Probably because it rarely took more than a day for the folks at Trillian to reverse engineer the new protocol and get their clients back in action again. If these idiots would just settle on an open standard we could just avoid this whole mess, but that would remove their ability to put little ads at the bottom of the clients which is probably more of a reason for this action than protecting against spam is.

Where the hell was Yahoo back in January of 2003 when it seemed like all I ever got through their IM client was porn spam? Now that I think about it, I can’t recall the last time I got spam through any of the major IM networks. These days I keep getting these kids that immediately after saying hello proceed to ask me if I know why I’m on their contact list. This is an almost instant ban at this point. I used to make a smart allec remark and then ban, but it’s easier just to ban them now. If Yahoo wants to protect me from something I wish they’d find a way to stop dumbasses from putting me on their contact list for no apparent reason and then asking me later why they did that as if I have the ability to read their tiny little brains and divine what random neuron firings resulted in their spastic need to fill up their contact list with every screen name they happen across.

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  1. Well, if I ever use a direct messenger and not Trillian or Miranda… I -always- make sure invisible mode is on, and if I see my contacts pop online, then I am the one to initiate contact. This prevents all of that bot spam and other various unwanted communiques from people I don’t know nor want to know.

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