Xinnis - The Confessions of a Clinic Bomber

So there I was looking for information on the internet to corroborate my post on CalPundits site regarding the increase of abortion clinic bombings and arson during the Reagan administration when I stumbled across… this:

“My name is Maxwell Xinnis. I’m the husband of the murdered Janet Xinnis and the father of the murdered unnamed child.”

Kadill’s head was bowed slightly, but he could see Max put his hand around the gun grip and release it from the holster under his jacket. A thin trickle of blood flowed from Kadill’s forehead and into his left eye.

“Don’t kill me. I’ll give you anything you want.”

“I’m sure you will.” Max aimed the gun at his head and Kadill flinched. “Is there anyone else here?”

I guess I am not surpised that there is someone out there writing about a heroic clinic bomber who murders an abortion doctor but if he is so sure his cause is just why is he writing under the pseudonym Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (the actual Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit died Sept. 16, 1736 in the Hague)? The scary stuff wasn’t so much what was in the “novel” but what was at the bottom of the webpage:


While this story was being written…

Pensacola: Abortionist David Gunn is shot three times in the back as he walks to his clinic by Michael Griffin, March 10th, 1993. Griffin was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Sixteen months later, Paul Hill, armed with a shotgun, kills abortionist John Britton and clinic escort James Barrett, wounding June Barrett in the arm.

Wichita: Abortionist George Tiller is wounded in both arms by Rachelle Shannon’s .25 caliber handgun, August 19th, 1993. Shannon is serving nearly 11 years in Kansas State Prison for attempted murder and aggravated assault. ATF agents suspect her in the arson and vandalism of other clinics.

Shortly after final editing…

Vancouver: Abortionist Garson Romalis is shot and killed by an unknown gunman while eating breakfast in his home, November 8th, 1994.


And immediately after distribution in disk form…

Brookline, Massachusetts: Two receptionists are killed and four other workers and patrons are injured at two clinics where a lone gunman, dressed in black, opened fire using a .22 rifle. John Salvi is arrested in Norfolk after firing on another clinic there. Police had been tracking him, having identified him from evidence left at the Brookline clinic.

Previously, other abortionists have died under violent circumstances: Wayne Patterson was killed outside a Mobile, Alabama adult book store; Douglas Karpen of Houston was wounded in a parking garage; and Paul Hackmeyer of Los Angeles was ambushed at his home and shot in the chest. Police have attributed these crimes to robbery attempts, but abortion rights activists suspect a conspiracy.

In the United States, from 1977 to October of 1994, there have been 91 arsons, 66 attempted arsons, 38 clinic bombings, 573 cases of vandalism, 200 cases of stalking, and 200 death threats, according to the National Abortion Federation. There have been between 32,000 and 75,000 arrests (depending on the source of information) outside abortion clinics.

These are signs of an epic struggle in this nation that is dividing families, neighbors, and churches. The proponents of this violence claim it to be the difference between saying a person loves the unborn child, and doing something that proves it.

Now MAYBE I am reading into this but I don’t think so. Is this asshole basically taking credit for COMMITTING the above acts or for merely INSPIRING them? It’s bad enough that he gets his jollies writing snuff literature for the Jesus crowd (that’s unfair, I mean the crazy, fundamentalist, evangelical, American taliban crowd) but is he so far gone to understand that inciting murder is a crime too? You can rail against abortion and accuse those who provide the service as murderers, if that is how you feel I understand that but the bottom line is that unless Roe v Wade is struck down IT IS THE LAW! If you don’t like it you work to get the law repealed, you do NOT grab a gun and a gas can so you can become a terrorist for god. What would Jesus NOT do?

The real problem with this kind of mentality is that it forces everyone else to escalate – churches burn just like clinics, holy men can die by asassins bullets just like abortion providers, and at what point have you won? When everybody else is dead? What would Jesus NOT do?

Thank god he filed his (501-c-3) non-profit forms, I would hate to think this organization was being unfairly taxed.

3 thoughts on “Xinnis - The Confessions of a Clinic Bomber

  1. That is one of the most disturbing (and, to me, anti-Christian) things I’ve ever read. I’m tempted to shout out about how vile it is, but then I’d have to give it a link. I’m not sure I could stand to do that.

  2. Yeah, that was a doozy of a story, eh? Wonder if the guy is on any FBI watch lists at the moment.

  3. Although I will often acknowledge the depths of idiocy humankind is capable of, I suspect that the author is just another aspiring writer who’s chosen this “titillating” subject on the basis of its shocking [im]morality.  That being said, I am a little disappointed by the “unless Roe v Wade is struck down IT IS THE LAW” observation if only because people have been making abortion choices regardless of any arbitrary guidelines 12 old people in robes in D.C. have resigned themselves to pronouncing. And quite frankly, when it comes to deep-seated personal values/ morality, the rule of law will nearly always loose out to human outrage.  I am completely on board, however, with the point that there are far too many yahoos out there who believe that they’re doing the work of God by shooting and killing a bunch of folks.

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