Valve’s Gabe Newell offers up some “Half-Life 2” tidbits.

The folks over at the Half-Life 2 Fallout Forums have put together a search that collects various tidbits on Half-Life 2 such as who is voicing the characters and how much space the game will eat up on your hard drive:

Here are the actors who are the voices for Half-Life 2 (English language):

Robert Guillaume – Dr. Eli Vance
Robert Culp – Dr. Wallace Breen
Lou Gossett, Jr. – Vortigaunt
Michelle Forbes – Dr. Judith Mossman
Merle Dandridge – Alyx Vance
Mike Shapiro – Barney Calhoun
Mike Shapiro – Gman
Harry S. Robins – Dr. Isaac Kleiner
Jim French – Father Grigori
John Patrick Lowrie – Citizens/Misc. characters
Mary Kae Irvin – Citizens/Misc. characters
Ellen McLane – Overwatch voice

We’ve been very fortunate in the professionalism and the talent of the people we’ve been able to work with. For example we had over 200 applicants for the voice of Alyx.

Half-Life 2 is about 3.5 GB uncompressed and about 2 GB compressed. This doesn’t include CS:Source, HL-1:Source, DoD:Source, the SDK, or whatever. It’s just the straight HL-2 sizes.

Gabe also confirms his comment to HomeLAN Fed on their hopes of delivering a release build to Sierra in August. My drool glands dried up long ago in anticipation of this one.

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