The Steam Bath is more that just a lot of hot air.

Someday after I win the lottery this Saturday I will have my Dream Home built for me and it will contain one of these little beauties from the Land Down Under…

The Steam Bath” has a misleading name in that it functions as a bath, shower, spa, steamer, foot-n-body massager, includes a water-proof radio, and optional hands-free phone and CD player connection. It has two shower nozzles so you can share the fun with a friend without one of you having to wait for a turn under the spray and it even comes with a remote control because you can’t buy a high-tech shower that doesn’t have a remote control. Besides, it’d probably be a useful means for getting your spouse out of the shower once in awhile if they take to liking it a little too much.

It comes to us from the folks at Comfort Living down in Australia and it’s worth noting that their website is amazingly free of pricing information. They also make electronic bidets similar to those popular with the Japanese and security systems so you can keep people from stealing your fancy new toilet and shower.

Found via Engadget

5 thoughts on “The Steam Bath is more that just a lot of hot air.

  1. Oh, man, I WANT one!!!  I’ve always wanted a bidet, too, but this all-in-one (what, no TV??) takes the cake.

  2. I am *drooling* over that. I am a shower/bath Nazi anyway; if I had one of those I’d probably sleep in it.

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