The Party of Family Values

Grand Old Pleasure-Seekers Head for the Republican Convention is the title of a short piece at The article indicates that New York City escort services will be augmenting their staffs for the Republication convention.

“We have girls from London, Seattle, California, all coming in for that week,” a madam at a Manhattan escort service told the New York Daily News.

(That was also the quote of the day from yesterday’s Washington Wrap at

Showing balance, the article goes on to say that the sex industry augments its income during both parties’ political conventions.

I would be interested in seeing a post convention analysis showing whether the escort services in Boston or New York do better during the conventions and whether Democrats or Republicans are better tippers.

3 thoughts on “The Party of Family Values

  1. Ha!  It just goes to show that Republicans have no more of a monopoly on morality than Democrats.

  2. Hope they hold on to all those receipts for tax purposes. $1100.00 an hour!?!  **scribble..scribble..Must…find…new…job…**

    captcha = anne That reminds me – ‘Congratulations Anne!’

  3. Aranaxtra, or hypocricy. This appeared in today’s Progress Report.

    Conservatives have a new inductee to the Hall of Hypocrisy: Ralph Reed. The newest issue of The Nation reports, “When Ralph Reed was the boyish director of the Christian Coalition, he made opposition to gambling a major plank in his ‘family values’ agenda, calling gambling ‘a cancer on the American body politic’ that was ‘stealing food from the mouths of children.’” However, a new federal investigation into lobbying abuses connected to gambling on Indian reservations “has unearthed evidence that Reed has been surreptitiously working for an Indian tribe with a large casino it sought to protect—and that Reed was paid with funds laundered through two firms to try to keep his lucrative involvement secret.”

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