Taking stock in your blog revisited.

Looks like SEB is once again being listed over at BlogShares, which comes as a bit of a surprise seeing as how at one point I had voluntarily asked to be delisted and was told I wouldn’t have the option of joining again later. Which was fine with me at the time.

Way back when this game was first introduced I was an active participant. I wasn’t very good at the game myself because I tended to buy stock in blogs I tended to read and those don’t tend to be big-name blogs with lots of share value. It was less than a month from its introduction that “the event” happened which would put Blogshares and its creator, Seyed, at the center of a major blogging controversy and it all started with the request of a single blogger to have her site delisted from the game. The blog in question is gone now, or at least it’s no longer using the same domain name if it’s still around, but my decision to remove SEB from Blogshares wasn’t a result of the treatment this other blogger received when she asked to be delisted from the game.

Rather, I asked to be delisted because of comments made by Seyed about what he felt was his right to include blogs in his game whether the owner liked it or not. Specifically, Seyed felt that any blog which pinged Weblogs.com was, as far as he was concerned, opting-in to have that data used by his game and the only reason he was providing an option to opt-out was because he was “being nice” and not because he “had to.” I disagreed with this viewpoint and it was more the reason why I opted out than anything surrounding the original controversy. It was made clear to those of us who opted-out that we wouldn’t be allowed to return if we should change our minds. Anne and Cindy both opted-out as well for similar reasons.

Time passed and word eventually came along last December that Seyed was shutting Blogshares down for various reasons that escape me at the moment, but then Jay Campbell reached an agreement with Seyed that brought the game back from the dead. I had assumed that those of us who opted-out back during the original firestorm would continue to be excluded, but it appears that is no longer the case. SEB was added back into the game on March 22, 2004 according to the site and currently holds a valuation of $19,912.02 with a current share price of $800.86. Which is a far cry better than the 83 cents the share price held back when I asked to be removed from the game.

I think I’ll leave SEB in the game for now. The original firestorm that brought about my departure the first time around has long since died off and the game is as popular as it ever was and there’s actually people who are holding SEB stock. If you’ve never seen the game it’s definitely amusing and worth checking out if you enjoy playing stock market.

I have no idea why I bothered to write all of this.

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