“StarCraft: Ghost” delayed until sometime in 2005.

The folks at Blizzard announced last night that their highly anticipated StarCraft: Ghost third-person action game for all three consoles has been delayed yet again until sometime in 2005 for the simple reason that it wasn’t living up to their high standards in the game play department:

GamerFeed : Blizzard Announces SC: Ghost Delay

Today, Blizzard confirmed a long feared rumor. The developer’s highly anticipated title, StarCraft: Ghost, will not see store shelves this year. In an announcement released late this afternoon, the developer stated “plans to expand and evolve the design of its upcoming tactical-action console game” and “further details regarding specific game play enhancements and worldwide-release information will be announced at a later date.”

“We are very committed to StarCraft: Ghost as a major part of our lineup,” stated Mike Morhaime, Blizzard Entertainment president and co-founder. “As a result, we plan to build additional time into the schedule to polish the game until it meets the high standards that our customers have come to expect from Blizzard products. We are sorry to disappoint players with a delayed launch but are confident that we will deliver a great game with the additional development time.”

This will be the firstsecond StarCraft game to appear on the consoles and it was being developed by Nihilistic Software for Blizzard. The press release didn’t mention Nihilistic at all and when contacted by HomeLAN Fed Blizzard confirmed that Nihilistic Software was no longer working on SC: Ghost:

“Nihilistic has completed its contribution on StarCraft: Ghost. They are contracted to begin work on another project in the months ahead. Due to the requirements of that obligation and the delay of StarCraft, it was mutually determined that now would be the best time for them to complete their work.”

I must admit that I was looking forward to playing this game sometime this year. What had been shown at previous E3’s looked very promising so the game must have had some serious issues if Blizzard is yanking Nihilistic off and delaying it until well into next year. This is often the kiss of death for games with those few that survive this sort of thing to see the light of day still turning out to be a disappointment, but if anyone can pull this one off it’ll be the folks at Blizzard.

3 thoughts on ““StarCraft: Ghost” delayed until sometime in 2005.

  1. When you say that Starcraft Ghost will be the first Starcraft game to appear on the consoles, do you mean just PS2, Xbox and Gamecube? Because Starcraft 64 was available for the N64.

  2. What I can’t wait for is the next incarnation of StarCraft on the PC.  I still play BroodWar with all of my friends, I’m getting sick of Blizzard always concentrating on the WarCraft series and not paying any attention (at least this is how it seems to me) to StarCraft.

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