Six down, one to go.

As of this moment the only blog still running under MovableType is my sister’s blog and I hope to have it converted over by this weekend. I haven’t exactly busted my butt trying to do this in record time, but when I have put my attention to it it’s gone rather well. The design I did for Cindyisms is pretty crappy, though, and I’m having a hard time getting it to work under EE more because it’s such a crappy design than because of any problems with EE. Point being, I don’t know how I ever got it to work under MT.

So far, I’m very happy with the change. It is weird seeing the subdomain folders so empty, but otherwise there’s not too much I can complain about. For being a 1.0 release EE is an amazingly flexible and robust package. There’s only been one thing I did under MT that I can’t do under EE and that may change in the not too distant future as new builds are released. I haven’t had any comment spam since the switch and that alone has made it worthwhile, though I’m sure that’ll change eventually. One very interesting side effect of the switch is that it’s forced me to make all the subsections of our sites fit a single design as opposed to only doing the main page as was my habit under MovableType. The templates are a bit easier to work with, though, which makes this less of a pain so it’s a win-win situation.

OK, back to the salt mines.

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