Seinfeld Lives One of His Dreams

Jerry hobnobs with Superman.

This link allows you to view two of his American Express commercials, one of which appeared on TBS last evening. The site is very well done, and the two available commercials are superb.

The Sing-a-Long won’t make any sense until you watch “Uniform”.

3 thoughts on “Seinfeld Lives One of His Dreams

  1. Cool!  I liked the “Uniform” one a little more, but all in all they were both pretty kickass.  smile

    My only complaint would be Puddy (or is it Putty) as Superman’s voice.  It felt odd watching Superman with a different voice than I am used to (the voice from the “Justice League”)…  The voice just didn’t seem to fit very well at least for me.

  2. Hilarious, Vern! Thanks, for this. I give both films two thumbs up! I was a little bothered by a Superman with a New York accent, but I got over it. One of my favorite lines – “I don’t do that. I do this!”

    By the way, did you notice that the clock in the living room has the current time? Also if you hold your pointer over the intro screen it turns into a shadow puppet.

    My mind is buzzing with the humorous possibilities. Who would have thought staid and boring old American Express would come up with this?

  3. I love the choice of Patrick Warburton as the voice of Superman.  For this type of interaction, his delivery is perfect. Good stuff.

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