Rev. Moon invested as Messiah

And it happened in the Dirkson Senate Office Building two months ago. The story was first reported by John Gorenfeld, a writer for, and it finally appeared today in The Washington Post and the more specialized paper The Hill.

Sun Myung Moon is the leader of the Unification Church and owner of the right leaning newspaper The Washington Times, affectionately known within the Beltway as The Moony Times. Moon’s ‘coronation’ appears roughly timed to correspond to the 50th anniversary of the church’s founding.

This quote is from The Hill.

It appears that at least some lawmakers were drawn to the event unaware of what would happen and who would be there. Others who the organizers claim were present say they were not.

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, former felon and current owner of The Washington Times, was the man in the spotlight, declaring himself humanity’s “savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent.”

The event, which took place March 23, was sponsored by the Washington Times Foundation and the International Interreligious Federation for World Peace (IIFWP), a Moon-led group. Present at different points during the event were Reps. Danny Davis (D-Ill.), Curt Weldon (R-Pa.), Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.) and Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) and Sen. Mark Dayton (R-Minn.).

One of Moon’s claims that evening was that “Hitler and Stalin have found strength in my teachings, mended their ways and been reborn as new persons.”

About 300 people attended the reception. Of those, the event organizers flew in about 100 honorees to recieve state and national peace awards. Many of the Congressmen listed as attendees or sponsors have distanced themselfs from Moon and/or the investment ceremony. On Gorenfeld’s web site you can see that Davis was, in all likelyhood, part of the investment ceremony. A Senator must sponsor an event in the Dirkson Building—the sponsor or sponsors of this one have not been identified. At one time the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP) Web site had photos of the reception showing some of the attendees but that page has been cleared.

The full text of Moon’s remarks at the ceremony can be viewed here.

Does the President now have to consult with the Rev. Moon?

7 thoughts on “Rev. Moon invested as Messiah

  1. Talk about a perfect dictionary definition of delusions of grandeur! Why just be rich when you can be rich and crazy?

  2. [Quote]Does the President now have to consult with the Rev. Moon?[/Quote]

    Hey, if he’s good enough for Hitler and Stalin then he’s good enough for Bush.

    Moonpies all around!

  3. I can see him right after the ceremony,
    “Alright I am the Messiah….  now F**K OFF!”

    I’m sure “The Life of Moon” will be on video soon.


    Isn’t the Anti-Christ supposed to be appearing and claiming to be the Messiah before he goes Biblical on the world?

  4. Last night someone else made that same observation (in an email). Maybe we should take a crash course in Korean. smile

  5. The theme song for his reign will be the SpongMonkey’s “We love tha moon”…

  6. Bush won’t have to consult with Moon, but in Moon’s opinion, he ought to.  I am a former member of the so-called “Moonies”, and I know that Moon has long sought to influence American politics, going back to 1974 when he urged Nixon not to resign and took out full-page ads in American newspapers asking readers to “Forgive, love, unite!”  Moon’s belief is that he is the Messiah and that ultimately all the world’s political and religious leaders must bow down to him.  Hence the crown which he had placed on his head after successfully maneuvering some gullible congressmen and senators into attending the event.  As for learning Korean, Moon actually tells his followers that in the “Kingdom of Heaven on Earth” that is to come, everyone will speak Korean.  So get studyin’.  By the way, if you want to learn more about what it was like for me to be a “Moonie” for more than a decade, please read my book, Heartbreak and Rage:  Ten Years Under Sun Myung Moon, A Cult Survivor’s Memoir, which is available from  A sample chapter of the book may be read by visiting my website at

  7. I saw Moon once in Berkeley in the early 70’s, and he was electrifying- spoke only Korean, but his charisma was palpable.  The only other person I’ve ever seen with this kind of power was Werner Erhard.  Frightened me out of my socks, both of them did.  Luckily for me, I thought about what they said too.

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