Posting slowdown.

My apologies for the slowdown in new entries around here this week. I’m pulling double-duty at work as our 2nd Level Tech is on vacation this week so I’m acting as his unofficial backup while still doing what little I do as a site planner, plus this is the week that the PC renewal team is in the building swapping out 40 or so PCs. So between these three situations I’ve not had the time I usually have at work to read up on things that piss me off and then write at length about them and by the time I get home all I have the energy to do is veg-out. As if all that isn’t enough, there’s a new variant on the Sasser worm loose in the company and it’s infecting the new PCs being deployed before the patches can be applied during the restaging process that would prevent its spread. In at least one situation this made restaging the PC almost impossible as it kept crashing out the system as it was trying to apply patches. What fun. Well, at least I’m busy and doing something I enjoy doing for a change.

Last Friday I went out to my brother’s place and assembled their new PC from the various parts he bought at my suggestion. Now they’ve got a kickass little machine perfect for gaming and my nephew didn’t waste any time in getting a copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 so he could challenge his Uncle Les online. Saturday was spent cleaning up and restaging my sister-in-law’s husband’s sister’s PC for them. Some of the goodies folks ordered off my Wish List for helping them in the weeks previous have started to show up. I got the Foxtrot collection Welcome to Cactus Flats, the Norah Jones CD Feels Like Home, the PS2 game True Crime: Streets of LA and a PS2 Network Adapter so I can finally take my PS2 online. That makes me feel a little better about the week overall. It’s kind of ironic that my troubles at work are caused by virus and malware writers and yet my sudden windfall of having folks buy me stuff off of my Wish List is also due to the virus and malware writers. So I suppose that means they’re a bane and a blessing for me. Funny, that.

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