1.1.2 now available.

For those of you making use of the open source alternative to Microsoft’s Office you may be interested to hear that 1.1.2 is now available to download. The list of bug fixes is pretty lengthy as they’ve fixed a lot of bugs from version 1.1.1 so if you’re using it you’ll probably find it worthwhile to upgrade. Plus the new version introduces the FontOOo Autopilot that downloads and installs fonts for you.

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  1. FontOOo isn’t that much to write home about. I actually couldn’t find it in the UI – I eventually found a website which let you download a document that would launch it via a macro. It’s most of use to non-Windows users as it lets you install various Microsoft fonts, but they’re all present in Windows so it’s a bit redundant for Windows users. And any fonts you install are only available locally to and are not installed system-wide.

    But I suppose some may find it useful so it’s a good addition. I’m looking forward to 2.0 which should be a much more polished release and will have a native Mac OS X version (as opposed to a rather rough port of OOo 1.0 that needs X11).

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