Microsoft bumps Hotmail storage to 250MB.

Following the lead of Yahoo!, the folks at Microsoft’s Hotmail service have decided to bump the amount of storage space up a few notches to offset the lure of Gmail’s 1GB offering:

Hotmail to offer 250MB of free storage | CNET

The upgrade will increase Hotmail’s free e-mail storage limits from 2 megabytes to 250MB and its paid e-mail service, which costs $19.95 a year, from 10MB to 2 gigabytes. The changes will begin in early July.

“With these new offers, storage will not be an issue for MSN Hotmail customers,” Blake Irving, corporate vice president of communication services for MSN, said in a statement.

This will be a welcome bit of news for my daughter who manages to keep her free Hotmail account hovering around the 88% full mark at the moment.


3 thoughts on “Microsoft bumps Hotmail storage to 250MB.

  1. I, myself, know how hard it is to keep a hotmail account below the cap. It is especially hard when you’re already sitting at 80-90% and solicitors double send spam mail weighing in at close to 100Kb a piece.  This is quite a nice announcement considering yahoo has also increased it’s cap.  Now I sort of wish I hadn’t gone out and gotten one of those nifty g-mail accounts off of Ebay, but oh well.

    Also, I’ve noticed many people end their posts by stating the captcha word. Is this required or just something good to do?.

  2. Not that much… I’d rather refinance my nonexistant mortgage for my house located at 123 Main Street.

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